Commercial Carpet Tiles

Once upon a time, commercial carpets were dull, drab and lifeless but then the flooring fairy came along with creativity and innovation.

The world of corporate carpets

Gone are the days when commercial spaces were always a vacuum of anonymity and gloom because we’re leading the commercial carpet tile revolution and we’ve got some of the best brands in the business on side. With our extensive range of hardwearing flooring solutions, we make it possible to get as creative as your imagination will let you when it comes to interior design in order to breathe a whole new lease of life into the modern office, public sector or corporate environment. From classic to contemporary, there’s something for every project.

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Nouveau Carpet Tiles

Exclusive to DCTUK, our fantastic collection of affordable carpet tiles are perfect for trade customer or if you're fitting out your own workplace. Many are available with next day delivery and all arrive at your doorstop at an unbeatable price. Shop the full Nouveau Collection
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Interface Carpet Tiles

Interface rhymes with "In Yer Face" and that's exactly what the fabulous Interface collection does, it gets in your face with it's brilliant aesthetics and biophilic design principles that run through the majority of the collections. Shop the full Interface Collection
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Desso Carpet Tiles

More eco-friendly than Greta Thunberg, these carpet tiles are on the path of Cradle-to-Cradle sainthood. Honestly, Desso take this stuff seriously, so buy with confidence and the knowledge that our Desso prices are the lowest on the planet. Shop the full Desso Collection.
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Commercial carpet tiles for the UK

Why commercial carpet tiles?

There’s no doubt about it, commercial carpet tiles are perfect for commercial spaces. They’re quick to fit, durable against heavy footfall and easy to clean; not to mention the commercial carpet tile cost that makes this flooring solution a no-brainer. However, gone are the days of a limited choice of brown, black or grey colours; at DCTUK, we’ve got a supersize range of commercial carpet tiles available in the UK, from bright pops of colour to brighten up an office or breakout space, to whacky patterns that channel your inner avant-garde side. Choose your favourite commercial carpet tiles and have them fitted by a professional (and friendly!) bunch to an extremely high standard. From neutral tones to allow spaces to appear bigger to darker, deeper colours to bring an air of luxury, there’s a whole new world of carpet tiles just waiting to be discovered. Find yours today. and are exactly what you want! 10 year warranty on all extension builds.

Our commercial carpet tiles price makes having some of these babies fitted in your office or other space serving a commercial purpose, an absolute no-brainer. Whilst every office space requires a durable, hard-wearing surface underfoot, this doesn’t mean it has to look that way. At DCTUK, we understand that whilst commercial carpet tiles have to be strong, sturdy and fantastic value for money, the design element must also play a part. This is where we stand out from other commercial carpet tile suppliers. Our design service and journal allows you to look through different commercial carpet tile designs until you find one that perfectly suits your design vision; because, after all, nobody wants to go to work in a dull and boring space! We understand that adhering to all of the above and finding a commercial carpet tile that is top quality and looks good isn’t easy, but at DCTUK we do our best to help you tick all of the boxes with our products! If you’re new to the world of commercial carpet tiles and want to know more about commercial carpet tiles, give DCTUK’s team of commercial carpet tile suppliers a buzz and we can talk you through everything; from carpet tile style and colour through to how our fitting service can work for you, so that you’ll have brand spanking new flooring in no time at all.

Commercial carpet tiles suitable for every environment

There are a whole range of commercial carpet tile brands available across the entire DCTUK portfolio, all of which are suitable for a variety of commercial spaces. From luxury floor vinyl for places such as hospitals, leisure centres and schools to clean cut, softer carpet tiles to create a quiet finish in corporate spaces, offices and libraries. Usually, commercial carpet tiles are the last thing to be fitted when a commercial space is being refurbished (to save mess) and so, with all of your pennies being spent on snazzy new furnishings and those trendy, industrial light fittings, it’s understandable that you want something that isn’t going to completely break the bank. That’s where we come in. The cost of commercial carpet tiles at DCTUK really does have to be seen to be believed and when it’s fitted, you won’t believe the quality for the price you’ve paid, the value is that good. Not only will you find the ideal tiles to perfectly kit out your commercial space, you’ll also have the pleasure of not lifting a finger as our commercial carpet tile suppliers lay down your tiles for you. You’ll also be totally surprised at just how much your choice of commercial carpet tiles transform the look and feel of a room – choose a darker colour to home in on a large and cold-feeling space or pick neutral to make a small area appear lighter and bigger – creating the perfect space in which to work.

View our entire commercial carpet tile range here.

As well as office spaces, our commercial carpet tiles will also look right at home in an industrial style space, with their durability and hard-wearing surface giving them the ability to perform exactly how you’d want them to. However, we’re sure you’ll understand that an industrial commercial carpet tile needs to serve a completely different purpose from those being fitted in an office or a homely environment. These bad boys need to be tough and very good at what they do. But have no fear, our range of commercial carpet tiles is versatile, meaning you’ll be able to choose from the brands that best suit your situation and flooring needs. Commercial carpet tiles that are harder, flatter and made with less fibre generally tend to work better in an industrial situation. Naturally the commercial carpet tile’s price goes up slightly as the quality increases (and brand differs) so it’s all about finding the one that works for you. If you’ve settled on a brand that you like but aren’t entirely sure about the colour of the commercial carpet tiles on offer, simply follow the link to the product and select a different one! We have a wide range of colours and patterns for our commercial carpet tiles, meaning even an industrial space can have a little touch of finesse when it comes to the finished aesthetic.

So, what is the actual cost of our commercial carpet tiles?

Price depends on the commercial carpet tile you are choosing to buy as well as the brand you are going for. We offer amazing value for money, but you can see that for yourselves by viewing our range.

As you have probably guessed already, we’re carpet tile mad. Being as crazy about carpets as us is no mean feat, but when we’ve kitted out so many fantastic commercial spaces to an extremely high quality and standard, it makes it all worthwhile. Don’t dread the thought of transforming your commercial space and, instead, embark on a flooring journey with DCTUK, who will find you the perfect commercial carpet tile, you never even knew you needed. Shop our fantastic range of commercial carpet tiles in the UK and find your favourite today. You know it makes sense.


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