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Don't stress about getting a new floor for your workspace! Use our brand new designsinabox and grab a premade design suitable for 99% of workplaces. We've preselected these carpet tiles and luxury vinyl tiles based on how they compliment each other, availability, and delivery timescales. Got questions? Talk to our team on whatsapp or via our livechat for help.

Boardroom Concrete

Boardroom Concrete is the design for those who mean business but have a soft spot for that edgy, industrial chic. Imagine your boardroom or workplace transformed into a modern, urban oasis with this sleek combo. We're talking 78% Nouveau Composition Soft Grey, a carpet tile that's as stylish as it is sturdy, setting the scene with its concrete-like coolness. It's like walking on clouds made of stylish, soft concrete - tough yet surprisingly comfy!

Then there’s the 22% Nouveau Evolution Monochrome, playing the role of the hip, swanky border that knows how to make an entrance. This tile isn't just for show; it's like the trusty sidekick that knows how to keep things neat and tidy while looking effortlessly cool. And if you're feeling adventurous, let this Monochrome magic spill out into the corridors, spreading that sophisticated industrial vibe throughout your workspace. Boardroom Concrete isn't just a design; it's a statement – where functionality meets urban flair, perfect for offices that aren't afraid to stand out in the concrete jungle.

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