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Don't stress about getting a new floor for your workspace! Use our brand new designsinabox and grab a premade design suitable for 99% of workplaces. We've preselected these carpet tiles and luxury vinyl tiles based on how they compliment each other, availability, and delivery timescales. Got questions? Talk to our team on whatsapp or via our livechat for help.

Elite Tropical

Get ready to jazz up your large workspace with our Elite Tropical design, a dazzling mix of bold and bright, courtesy of the Nouveau Elite Colour carpet tile collection. Imagine a tropical paradise right under your feet, with a vibrant blend of monochrome and two striking accent colours – the zesty Mustard yellow and lush Tropicana green. It's like bringing a little bit of the rainforest into the office, but without the bugs!

This design isn't just a feast for the eyes; it's a clever play of colours that can totally transform your office into a modern, stylish space. Dominated by monochrome hues, the design gets a playful twist with the occasional pop of Mustard and Tropicana, creating a visual treat that's both professional and fun. Think of it as a business suit with a funky tie – serious with a side of personality.

And here's the best part – these tiles are tough cookies, designed for the hustle and bustle of commercial life. They're made from solution dyed nylon, which means they're super resistant to staining and wear, and perfect for rolling chairs and busy feet. Plus, with a 15-year guarantee, these tiles are not just about looks – they're a long-term commitment to awesomeness.

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