designs in a box: White Autumn Lead

Don't stress about getting a new floor for your workspace! Use our brand new designsinabox and grab a premade design suitable for 99% of workplaces. We've preselected these carpet tiles and luxury vinyl tiles based on how they compliment each other, availability, and delivery timescales. Got questions? Talk to our team on whatsapp or via our livechat for help.

White Autumn Lead

Say hello to "White Autumn Lead," our snazzy and sleek flooring design that's perfect for sprucing up modern office spaces, from buzzing breakout areas to welcoming reception zones. This design is a playful mix of robust Nouveau Endurance Heavy Lead carpet tiles (they're tough cookies but with style!) and the oh-so-chic Forbo Allura Dryback White Autumn Oak luxury vinyl planks. It's like the power couple of flooring – strong and stunning!

Nouveau Endurance tiles are the superheroes of the carpet world. They're built to last, handle spills like a pro (bye-bye coffee stains!), and keep things quiet with their sound insulation superpowers. And let's not forget their cool linear design that adds pizzazz to any room. Then there are the Forbo Allura planks, bringing that 'walk in the woods' feel right to your office. They're not just pretty faces – these planks are durable, easy to clean, and a breeze to maintain. In a nutshell, "White Autumn Lead" is not just flooring; it's a style statement that's practical, durable, and totally on-trend.

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