Modular & Floating Entrance Systems

Welcome to DCTUK's world of innovative entrance matting systems! Tyre Tiles offer a unique and eco-friendly solution. Made from 100% recycled or recyclable material, they're heavy-duty, non-slip, and safe for various foot traffic. Entrack 50 steps up the game with its super-flexible 50cm x 50cm tiles made from durable TPE (rubber-like material). These tiles won't bend or buckle and have a great selection of carpet inserts for customisation. Recyclable, and easy to trim, cut, and shape for any space​​. Lastly, Treadloc 25 is all about robustness and safety. Made from nitrile rubber with anti-microbial properties, it's perfect for healthcare facilities. It's twice as tough as its competitors, can be placed on uneven surfaces, and offers excellent anti-slip properties.

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