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Uzin Flooring Adhesives

These excellent adhesives from Uzin will ensure your new floor will securely seal with the smoothing compound or subfloor. If you get stuck (LOL) and aren't sure which one to get, just livechat with us or give us a call.

Uzin Self-levelling Smoothing Compounds

With catchy names such as NC196 and L3 Gold, these excellent screed products from Uzin will ensure your floor is smooth and protected before installing a nice new carpet tile, LVT or sheet vinyl floor from DCTUK (cough cough, wink wink). Oh, and they are all next day delivery as well..
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Uzin Primers

You know what they say, "you can't have a smoothing compound without a primer" - well you can actually, that's exactly the USP of the Uzin L3 Gold. But anyway, these excellent primers from Uzin will ensure your smoothing compound will securely seal with the subfloor.

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