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Polyflor Vinyl Flooring

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Polyflor Safety Vinyl

Safety vinyl from Polyflor provides anti-slip qualities that are particularly suited for areas such as eating areas, toilets, hospital wards, swimming pool areas, class rooms and changing rooms.

Polyflor Smooth Vinyl

Smooth vinyl is the most common type of vinyl flooring for commercial projects. Suitable for a wide range of budgets and environments, these vinyls are either homogeneous or heterogeneous and are as tough as they come!

Polyflor Expona Flow

The Expona Flow collection encompasses beautifully replicated wood planks, and striking abstract effects in a practical and durable vinyl sheet format.

Polyflor Rubber

Polyflor rubber floors are designed for very heavy traffic areas such as walkways, stairs, and public areas where durability, cigarette-burn resistance and underfoot comfort are required.