Carpet tiles for wheelchairs

Our top recommended carpet tiles for wheelchair usage.

Carpet tiles are highly suitable for wheelchair usage because of the slip-resistant properties due to the texture of the carpet. Traditional broadloom carpets (carpet rolls) tend to have a very high pile height and cause problems with manoeuvrability. Laminate and vinyl can cause problems with getting damp as there is a lack of friction, or when it’s dry can cause problems if there is an incline in the room.

Carpet tiles are very durable and will take a lot of wheelchair traffic over their lifetime. However, if needing to be replaced, carpet tiles can just be picked up and swapped with a new tile. We always recommend ordering an extra 10% on top of your minimum requirements for spares. Spillages can be cleaned (using bleach) if you choose one of our StainSafe ranges.

Nouveau Connections

Durable, easy to clean, fast to replace and at a price that won't break the bank, Nouveau Connections is a durable and low-level carpet tile. Buy online for just £2.09 ex VAT per tile.

Nouveau Carnival

Carnival tiles are colourful, nylon carpet tiles that will create a stylish look and provide you with an anti-static solution. Buy online for just £3.49 ex VAT per tile.

Nouveau Spa

Nouveau Spa tiles are a cut above but still boast a brilliantly budget-friendly price tag for you to enjoy.
Buy online for just £3.25 ex VAT.

Did you know?

Here at DCTUK, we want to making finding the perfect flooring solution a real breeze so we always go that extra mile. After we've found the carpet tiles or vinyl to suit your project requirements, we roll up our sleeves and lay them for you too. We offer our bespoke fitting service for orders of over 50m2 and call upon our team of expert fitters to make sure you achieve that professional finish every time.


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