10 Modern Coastal Bathroom Ideas

Georgia Urmson

10 Modern Coastal Bathroom Ideas

Summer is approaching...

If you're looking for a bathroom that will inspire you to finally give your home's interior an upgrade, this blog is going to be right up your alley. With summer fast approaching and no time like the present, a coastal bathroom is the new thing. From nautical elements such as anchors made from rope and fishing nets hanging on walls as art pieces; to lake house accents such as driftwood furniture with white slipcovers- there are many different types of “coastal" design styles available out there today! 

1. Beige Shiplap and Pebble floors

There’s a lot to love about pebbled floors and beige is a colour that will stand the test of time. The two work together so well to create a homey and inviting bathroom. Natural wood furniture also goes very well with these two elements too! Don't want to replace your whole floor? Why not try the pebble emelent in your shower! 


2. Blue and White Subway Tiles

This one is a coastal bathroom favourite! Look how beautiful the subway tiles look in the form of nautical stripes? Even choosing just the one colour and not alternating still looks beautiful. Very coastal chic and modern!



3. Circular Window

If you have the opportunity, why not change your bathroom window into a circle! It's like taking a vacation on a cruise in your own home ha! 


4. Faux Marble Floors

Marble is expenisve, but why not cheat it? Going to do a bit of shamless promotion here but we are the flooring experts after all! DCTUK have lots of good LVTs that looks like real marble flooring! A marble floor gives the bathroom that bright and fresh feeling you want when going for a coastal look. Check out my favourite the Gerflor Creation 55 Clic Carrare or the Forbo Allura Click Pro White Marble LVT!


5. Rope Mirrors

Rope mirrors really make the bathroom feel like a true coastal nautical escape.


6. Minimal Seashell Decorations

Sometimes you do not need to spend a fortune on updating your interior, it can be as simple as minimal decorations to grab the vibe you want, such as seashells for a coastal bathroom. Why not head to your local beach and pick them up for free?!!


7. Blue Accent Wall

When you think of coastal you think of blue and white right? If your bathroom is all white, why not add a blue accent wall, this will add extra depth and character. 


8. Blue Wall Art

Again it doesn't have to be huge. A simple piece of wallart can go so far in completing your bathroom look. 


9. Decorate with Nautical Accessories

Accessorize your bathroom with all things nautical! With the right accessories, any old space can feel like a secluded beach. Put away that boring towel and get yourself some seaside-themed pieces such as a boat ornamant and a cute framed art to remind you of where you are each morning when getting ready. 


10. Fish Scale Showers

I know what you may be thinking fish scales? Really? But just look at these pictures, it looks like a seaside heaven! 


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