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8 ways to stay busy whilst isolating at home

8 ways to stay busy whilst isolating at home


It can be hard to find the motivation when at home, all you need is to find the right music and blast your tunes while you mop the floor. Mixing music with cleaning is a great way to keep you motivated too.


This alternative is not for everyone but you can take this time to reflect on life around you, your achievements, what you want to achieve in the forthcoming year and your life as a whole. Reflecting on the past can encourage you to sit down and say ‘Today i am going to…’

Group call

Isolation can be lonely for everyone, so how about downloading apps like Zoom to keep up to date with any work that is set whilst you are working from home or face time your friends and family to keep in touch.

Learn something new

Staying at home opens many opportunities up for everyone, you have the time now to be able to learn a new language or cook that meal you never had the time to cook. Go wild and get in touch with your inner optimist and say ‘I can'.

Be creative

Having time off allows you to unleash your inner creative side, spending time writing stories or songs helps to not only keep you busy but also helps you to achieve something you may have never thought to do.

Keep a routine

Not being able to go outside is pretty annoying, but keeping you routine throughout the day by getting up at 9, exercising, completing work and doing anything that needs to be done can help your days go by fast. Now you might be thinking ‘waking up at 9 on the weekend too?’ our advice is sleep in and give yourself time to rest, you don’t want to look like a zombie come Monday.


With technology now we are able to access thousands of videos online, how about trying that workout you have never tried, or calling your friends so you can all work out virtually. Coming up with fun ways to exercise can help boost your confidence and also keep you happy.

DIY around the house

Got a bedroom that needs painting or a bulb that needs changing? Now is the best time to do all those things you have been putting off for days or months or years (we aren’t here to judge). Make changes to your bedroom that you have always thought would look nice or move that book that’s been lying on the side since last week, it is your time to get everything sorted!