A lesson in the dark side of geometry with Ege


A lesson in the dark side of geometry with Ege

One of the things that we're passionate about doing here at DCTUK (apart from eating too much pizza) is changing your perspective of the boring old carpet. The carpet tile is no longer as humdrum or humble as it used to be and if anything is going to convince you, it's this marvellous madness from the innovators at Ege carpets.

In our last blog post we had Pantone's Colour of the Year and this time we've got Ege's Product of the Month. I'm hoping my boss likes this blog post so much he makes me Employee of the Week but I'll be sure to keep you posted on that one.

With so many emails dropping into our inboxes every day it can be easy to just roll our eyes and hit the delete button but this one certainly got our heads turning so we just had to share it with you.

Ege's product of the minute is called Figura and is an instrumental part of the industry's efforts towards reshaping how people look at and feel about the floors they're walking on through an "urge to explore space".

These guys have noticed a trend towards making the floor the focal point of interior design projects and it seems our friend the carpet tile is becoming the star of the show.

It seems that carpet connoisseurs across the board - but in the hospitality sector in particular - have been flirting with the idea of optical illusions and almost-menacing geometric patterns and I certainly hope they take it to the next level.

I mean, just look at this.. How cool it that?

This flourishing fashion is all about creating "a playground of opportunities for designers, architects and artists" so they can use this as their tool to conjure up new experiences within the world of flooring, carpet and interior design.

It has been inspired the 1920's constructivism and cubism movements in a bid to inject depth and perspective into what has, up until now, just been a good-looking 2D surface. Pretty exciting, huh?