Case studies

George Harrison's Teenage Home Makeover

Jon Techilovsky

How did DCTUK get involved in this Beatles project?

Sometimes things are just perfect for each other, like ham & cheese, steak and kidney, Salah and Mane, that you don't even think twice about them. So when the owner of George Harrison's childhood home came knocking at our door, as a Liverpool based business, we couldn't turn this one down. 🎉

Obviously it was also a brilliant opportunity to squeeze as many Beatles puns into this email as possible. With a little help from our marketing friends. 😉

What is the historical importance of this home that George Harrison used to live in?

As this BBC article reports, John Lennon's skiffle group The Quarrymen rehearsed at 25 Upton Green when he, Harrison and fellow member Paul McCartney were teenagers. So it really does have a unique musical history to it.


What flooring did DCTUK supply to this project?

The house had 3 bedrooms and there were all quite small and had very dated broadloom carpets and décor.

We recommended installing luxury vinyl planks, and in particular the LG collection available at the DCTUK.com marketplace. The owner chose the LG Decotile Gluedown Blond Walnut Decotile 55 LVT and it made a great new look to this building of musical significance.

The Decotile collection comes in two thicknesses - 0.33 wear layer and 0.55 wear layer. Both are great, but the 0.55 provides a bit more durability and longevity than it's sister product. Both come with an extensive residential warranty, 25 years for the 0.33 and 30 years for the 0.55 option.


How do you install LG Decotile luxury vinyl planks?

Decotile from LG is a gluedown product which means you need to purchase adhesive to install it. We recommend Bostik A740 to do the job.

If sticking stuff down isn't your thang, then you can also buy a click system version, which requires no adhesive and you just click the planks together. The full LG collection is available to view here.