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Celebrate Tweed Day with modulyss DSGN Tweed


Celebrate Tweed Day with modulyss DSGN Tweed

Yes National Tweed Day really is a thing, yes it's today and yes we're writing a blog post about it. If you think we've finally lost the plot, just take solace in the fact we're dodging If Pets Had Thumbs Day (too weird) and National Garlic Day (too stinky).

There is method in our madness but first let me tell you more about #NationalTweedDay (as random as it might be)...

National Tweed Day 2017

There are two schools of thought as to why this rather bizarre national day came to be. One says it is remembrance of the late William 'Boss' Tweed who was one of the most notorious politician-come-criminals of his time. This bad man was born on April 3rd 1823 and died in 1878 in prison after being found with millions of dollars of stolen public money. Ouch.

The other (less morbid) party like to think it's a chance to celebrate the famous woollen fabric made famous by none other than the legendary, Sherlock Holmes. We're going to go with this theory because we love our fabrics so any excuse to shout about them is fine by me.

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Tweed has since become popular all over the world, from highstreet to haute couture, but it all began in hilly highlands of Scotland. Originally hand woven, tweed is a coarse material that is known for it's durability, earthy colours and upper class connotations.

Harris Tweed is perhaps the most iconic version out there - in 1909, the Harris Tweed Association even protected 'Harris Tweed' from any imitation. In fact, in 1993, the famous fabric was even granted its own Act of Parliament (the Harris Tweed Act 1993) in which it received its very own legal definition (above).

Give tweed a modern update with modulyss DSGN Tweed

Tweed is a timeless and classic fabric that never fails to elevate an interior to new levels of style and sophistication and that's exactly why we love the modulyss DSGN Tweed carpet tile range so much.

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Blue tiles for an office

In a clever combination of colour and design, these innovative tweed carpet tiles are strike a style-savvy balance between old and new that is sure to make an impact wherever it goes.

In a choice of 12 rustic colours, DSGN Tweed features a crosshatch style surface pattern that emulates Tweed is all its glory while milking the performance benefits of a 100% Nylon construction. A 15 year guarantee gives you confidence in the longevity of the carpet tiles, while fire resistant properties and a Class 33 - Heavy Contract wear classification make it perfect for offices, hotels and the retail sector.

So when you're done here, don't forget to get your FREE modulyss DGSN Tweed samples!