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DCTUK chosen for new Buckingham Palace refurb


DCTUK chosen for new Buckingham Palace refurb

Welcome back to the DCTUK blog where we bring to you our biggest announcement to date...

We are incredibly proud to announce that we've been selected to supply and fit nearly 30,000 carpet tiles as part of the brand new Buckingham Palace makeover that is due to start this month.

The Buckingham Palace refurb project

Earlier this year it was revealed that the Queen had been granted a pretty hefty pay rise by the Chancellor and the Prime Minister to renovate the iconic 77,000m2 British landmark in it's biggest makeover since World War 2.

As well as 100 miles of electrical cables, 20 miles of pipework, 5,000 light fixtures and 2,5000 radiators, the team behind the refit were also on the hunt for 28,700 purple carpet tiles and well, it seems we fit the bill.

DCTUK are going to London, baby!

To find out more about why we were chosen, why we selected our regal Nouveau Carnival carpet tiles and how we'll be adding the perfect finishing touches to such a magnificent makeover project, we put together a quick video clip for you...

(Make sure you watch all the way to the end!)


If you've been cheeky and skipped all the way to the bottom of the blog post before watching the video then I guess it's time to tell you you've been punk'd...

That's right, this was all just little April Fools Day joke (tee hee) and to say thank you for being such a great sport, take 10% off your next order with the discount QUEEN10.