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Connect with DCTUK on Linkedin

Annabelle Harris

Connect with DCTUK on Linkedin

Get in the social swing and come socialise with us over on Linkedin.

With so much going on and our brains scrambled with the latest coronavirus news, keeping up to date with the latest flooring gossip can be pretty hard work. Fear not, we leave no man behind as we know there's nothing worse than missing the out on the announcments of new products or the drop of a new blog post. 

To make it easy peasy for you to keep on top of everything you need to know, we’ve popped it all in one place - our Linkedin page. We’ve been using Linkedin for a while now and we’re starting to get the hang of it, it's where you post pictures of your dinner and moan about your neighbours right? Oh wait no, that’s Facebook, Linkedin is where we keep it profesh. 


So what can you expect to find over on our Linkedin?

We like to post about the latest industry news from our bezzie mates such as Modulyss, Interface, Milliken etc. (we have so many we’d be here all day naming them), chit-chat about the latest flooring products in the marketplace and babble on about various bits and bobs such as articles, interior design tips and special deals that you may find interesting.  



The party continues over on Linkedin, so join the community and stay connected with DCTUK.