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Say hello to Desso Orchard

Jon Techilovsky

Say hello to Desso Orchard

Ah, the seasons are changing, the weather’s turning miserable again, the kids are going back to school (finally) and we’ve got a gorgeous, autumnal carpet tile from Desso to show you all.

Introducing Desso Orchard

So what’s the inspiration behind it?

Desso Orchard is based on the idea of looking down onto the earth, so if you were looking down into a forest, the trees below look like little dots lined along. To create these distinctive dots they changed the texture throughout the carpet tiles, so one part of the loop is higher than the other which creates the natural dot effect. It gives the collection a simple yet sophisticated feel for contemporary workplace interiors.

Is Orchard sustainable?

Not only are these carpet tiles inspired by nature, they help preserve it. Orchard is made from recycled material, is fully recyclable and comes with the Eco base backing derivative from chalk, how cool is that?


Can it be paired with any other Desso products?

Desso Desert, Grain and Harvest can be paired with Orchard because of similar colours and price points - we love a versatile carpet tile.

You can buy Desso Orchard on our website or order your free samples today to see for yourself how beautiful these textured carpet tiles really are.