The brand new FloorsUK is finally here!


The brand new FloorsUK is finally here!

You know loads of things about DCTUK by now. You know that we're suckers for a sweet snack, you know we like to watch films and you know we have the biggest choice of carpet tiles the UK has to offer and the best possible prices to boot. What you might not know however is that we have a little sister...

She goes by the name of FloorsUK and is the place where all your domestic engineered wood, solid wood, laminate and vinyl flooring dreams come true. We recently gave her a super sleek makeover and she's finally ready to show off her brand new look.

Head straight to www.floorsuk.co.uk to see what all the fuss about or keep reading for the lowdown on what FloorsUK has to offer.

Solid & Engineered Wood

Solid wood is basically what it says on the tin. It's a wooden flooring solution without any gaps or layers. It is a huge ol' chunk of wood that has been lovingly treated to provide a floor covering that is going to last you a very, very, very, very, very long time.

We've got a whole host of durable wood plank ranges from industry top dog, Atkinson & Kirby including everything from prime oak to rustic maple. We're also boasting our very own collection of affordable solid wood flooring, Nature. Nature is all about quality and luxury without monstrous price tags and comes in a variety of treatments such as stained, lacquered, brushed & oiled and handscraped to name a few.

Bare feet on kitchen floor tiles with underfloor heating
Atkinson & Kirby Diamond Plus Wheat Oak
Example of the structure of underfloor heating
Nature Earth Brushed & Oiled 189mm

If solid wood is just no good for you, you're going to want to dive straight into our growing repertoire of hardwearing engineered wood flooring that is just that little bit cheaper. Engineered wood is made up of layers of materials like plywood, softwood and a backing substance. These are then fused together and topped off with a solid wood veneer before a treatment, oil or lacquer can be applied.

All of the wood on FloorsUK has been sustainably sourced and have been manufactured in FSC® and PEFC® certified factories so it's all super kind to our precious planet. As we do here at DCTUK, we also enlisted DPD as as our delivery partner because they offer a CO2-neutral parcel shipping service which guarantees carbon-neutral transport of all orders.

Luxurious Laminate & Vinyl

Laminate is made using layers of synthetic materials to form a backing and a core board which is then topped with a realistic digital appliqué that magically mimics traditional hard flooring. This is all fused together using something called a lamination process (duh) to provide a product that promises to look and perform perfectly in residential interiors. Our extensive collection even includes the infamous Sensa Solido Elite.

Both laminate and vinyl flooring planks are the perfect alternative to natural materials like wood, stone and marble because A) they're much more affordable, B) they're a whole lot more flexible and C) they require minimal maintenance.

Bare feet on kitchen floor tiles with underfloor heating
Nouveau Havana Scottish Oak
Example of the structure of underfloor heating
Nouveau Penthouse Ash Grey

The construction of vinyl is pretty similar to that of laminate planks or tiles but the main difference between the two comes down to the feel of the product and the price tag attached to it. Vinyl is much more flexible and soft to the touch than the hard surface of laminate and just that little bit more affordable.

When you get stuck into our Aladdin's cave of vinyl, you'll notice big names like Adore Vinyl, Aspire Vinyl and LivLoc but don't forget to browse our very own exclusive Nouveau collection which balances style, substance and a shoestring budget.

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