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Get to grips with Microtuft carpet tiles


Get to grips with Microtuft carpet tiles

You may very well have noticed that we've been adding lots of new ranges to our Interface carpet tiles (and carpet planks) collections. This means you may also have stumbled across the words 'Microtuft' and 'construction' nestled consecutively a few times and been left scratching your bonce in beffudle-ment. Well allow me...

What are Microtuft carpet tiles?

Microtuft flooring products are all part of Interface's Mission Zero and a valiant attempt to make carpet manufacturing a whole lot less detrimental for our vulnerable planet. (When you're done here, go and find out more about Mission Zero and how our official partners in design are fighting a their winning eco battle.)

Microtuft came about way back in 2000 and has been going from strength to strength ever since. Literally. This method of manufacturing eliminates the need for a potentially toxic latex layer between yarn and backing, replacing it with a much more eco-friendly PVB pre-coat.

Interface Twist & Shine Micro carpet tiles
Interface Twist & Shine Micro
Interface Output Micro carpet tiles
Interface Output Micro

PVB stands for Poly Vinyl Butral and is the perfect alternative to materials like latex that Mother Nature would away from kicking and screaming. PVB works wonders with Nylon, which is even better as this means Interface can produce lots of their most popular Microtuft carpet products in 100% recycled materials.

The Microtuft manufacturing process means the yarns can be fused directly to the carpet tile backing which also reduces the amount of yarn needed to produce them by a whopping 50%. Halving the volume of materials required halves the damage to the environment and cuts costs considerably which is great news for your budget.

Okay so now you've got a better idea of what Microtuft flooring actually is, keep scrolling to shop some popular Interface carpet tiles at a pretty DCTUK discount...

Interface Output Micro

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Interface Twist & Shine Micro

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