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Project Complete - Great Eastern Street London


Project Complete - Great Eastern Street London

Some say simplicity is the key to life, and we believe it's also a good idea when it comes to a great design when using carpet tiles. In this 200m2 project in the Shoreditch area of London we fitted Nouveau Futureproof carpet tiles in black with some accent colours randomly scattered. It's a really simple idea, and a simple look, but it adds just a touch of style to what would usually be a standard black carpet tile finish.

Nouveau Futureproof
Nouveau Futureproof

The plans were provided to us by our client and we created the design, supplied the product and used our London fitting team to install this design into the space. If you don't know much about Nouveau Futureproof - its a brilliant environmentally-friendly product made from Econyl yarn. Econyl is a type of material that is produced using nylon fishing nets that end up as waste in our oceans. So not only do the carpet tiles look fantastic, they are also cleaning up our oceans as a Brucey-bonus! See the recommended blog post at the bottom of this page to read up about Econyl.

Before and After

If you're thinking of using Nouveau Futureproof check out the video below and to book our fitting team or use our free design service just jump over to our DesignLab.

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