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Case Study: Gurdwara Sahib, Woolwich


Case Study: Gurdwara Sahib, Woolwich

Here at DCTUK, our team of fitters are quite used to fitting carpet tiles, sheet vinyl and LVT into places of worship, most commonly churches, but it’s very rare to be given the privilege of fitting flooring into a ‘Gurdwara’ the name given to a Sikh’s place of worship. We’re not sure how they found DCTUK, but Sikh and you will find!

We were asked to renovate the flooring in the main eating area – an area of around 250m2 which had existing sheet vinyl flooring fitted underneath.

The good folk at Woolwich Gurdwara approached DCTUK because of our ‘stress-free’ fitting service that promises speed, on-site management of the project and minimal disturbance - something that is important when renovation is required at an active place of worship.

We love a good challenge and this project gave us a few opportunities to put our thinking caps on and work out a plan of action. After we visited the Woolwich gurdwara for a site survey, we realised the main issue with this project was that the old sheet vinyl had been there a long time and had consolidated itself with the plywood underneath.

Therefore, the only cause of action was to uplift the old flooring and plywood together and prepare the floor from scratch for the new vinyl.

The vinyl we recommended was Polyflor 2000 in the colour Glacier Blue. This high performing vinyl was installed in sheet format and has the highest EU standards for wear use, fire resistance and BREEAM environmental ratings.

Our fitters started by stripping out the old vinyl and plywood sheets to reveal the wooden planks of the subfloor. This was tough work, but we have special equipment to make this easier on the lads.

We then installed shiny new plywood sheet panels and feathered the edges to ensure this new plywood surface was as smooth as possible for the vinyl that would lay on top. Feathering the edges does not involve a Ken Dodd tickling stick, it’s just a technical term that means we use a smoothing compound to fill in the gaps. We used Ardex feather finish, a product we keep in stock and can deliver for your project next day.

After finishing this, it was on to installing the Polyflor 2000 and our London fitting team completed this part in just a couple of days.

If you have a place of worship – whether it’s a church, mosque, temple or gurdwara – we can advise you on the correct flooring required and our expert fitters can complete the fitting for you without disturbing the rest of your activities and even outside your normal hours of operation, for example evenings, bank holidays or weekends. We don’t do Scientology places of worship unless Tom Cruise is guaranteed to be there. Only joking.

Just get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. (Honestly).