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How to make a small space seem bigger

Naomi Kenny

How to make a small space seem bigger

So it’s lockdown 2.0 and the urge to rearrange and declutter your house has crept back up since the previous lockdown - it certainly has for me anyway. 

We’re no interior design experts at DCTUK but we do love it and love to share some great advice with you all, so here’s 5 tips on how to make a small space appear bigger. 

Open plan layouts

When it comes to modest sized living or work spaces, open plan layouts are the number one, the numero uno, the must-do method to trick the eye into seeing more space than there really is.

Doing away with partition walls, unnecessary doors and anything which cuts the area more times than a supersize pizza on a Saturday night is the perfect way to open out and widen the space to create a more breathable interior.

Open plan is super popular so don't be afraid to merge to your dining area with your living room, or your office breakout area with the shared kitchen.



Clear the clutter and get creative with your storage

Okay so we're all guilty of a little hoarding here and there. If you want to turn your teeny tiny interior into a treasure trove of space however, you're going to have to kiss goodbye to the clutter.

The first port of call is a trip to the local tip to get rid of anything that is unnecessarily collecting dust but if you really can't bear to part with your paraphernalia, it's time to get creative with your storage.

Shelves, bookshelves, boxes, coving and mounted storage spaces are a great way to keep stuff from getting under your feet and making the place seem smaller. Think beds with storage space, desks with drawers, stylish shelves and footstools that double up as storage.

I got a bit creative with my bedroom storage and took the doors off the preexisting cabinets and replaced them with IKEA boxes. So now my bedroom looks like an IKEA showroom and I absolutely LOVE it.



Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Mirrors are a tried and tested technique for making a space seem bigger than it is. Large mirrors trick the eye into thinking the room goes on for miles and miles, even when you're dealing with the same square meterage as a Polly Pocket pony stable.

Simple, angular mirrors mounted on walls are the best way to master this illusion, as opposed to lots of little stand alone mirrors in the shape of a cactus or heaven knows what else. Think vast but minimal.

Keep bold patterns and vivid colours at bay

I respect and appreciate the maximalist designers in the world but it’s just not me - it’s beautiful and chaotic but it makes me feel claustrophobic. And when it comes to small spaces, minimalism is the way to go. Light, neutral colours are your best option because dark shades will shrink the area and rob you of those all important centimetres. Get your creative fix with more subtle statement pieces like mix and match cushions, a feature rug or some decorative frames pinned up on the wall.

Got any pictures of your lockdown rearrangements? Tag us on insta @dctukdesign we'd love to see!