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LVT flooring for the kitchen

Annabelle Harris

LVT flooring for the kitchen

How to pick the right flooring for your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any good home. It is where you host your gatherings and share a cuppa with your nearest and dearest. Choosing a new flooring for your kitchen can be tricky, it will act as a backdrop and will have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the space. Therefore, it is essential to get it right (no pressure). 

A kitchen floor has a pretty tough job, it has to withstand a lot of wear and tear and it’s probably the most hardworking floor in the home, from the muddy pitter patter of little feet (or paws) to regular staining from cookie dough, red wine or tea spillages. Despite all this chaos it endures, we still expect our kitchen floor to remain looking tip-top even after a 3 hour baking session.

We spend a lot of our time in the kitchen slaving away over the hob for a meal that is inhaled within 10 minutes, therefore having a kitchen you enjoy being in makes a huge difference. When it comes to flooring everyone is different, some prefer the warmth of natural wood whereas others prefer the sleek look of stone tiles. With an abundance of hard wearing and unique finishes available, there is no excuse for your kitchen floor to look so disheveled.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles have been a firm favourite for kitchens for a long long time. Replicating the delicate beauty of wood and the elegance of natural stone. LVT boasts all the added benefits of easy-clean, fire and scratch-resistant vinyl, allowing you to achieve a natural look without breaking the bank.

Let's have a look what we've got on offer...

Light-Mid Wood LVT

Featuring vibrant pines, soft elms and country oaks, these light and mid wood tones will add a touch of nature into your kitchen space. Opting for light - mid coloured LVT is perfect if you have a smaller kitchen with limited natural lighting as it will help to brighten up the space and create a welcoming and traditional feel. P.s. honey and natural tones do a superb job at hiding yesterdays dinner than you brushed onto the floor.

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Grey Wood LVT

Grey wood adds a level of style and sophistication to any space thanks to its natural serenity and monochrome finishes. Its natural and versatile tones provide a perfect backdrop for those looking to achieve a shabby-chic and minimalist modern interior. Although we do hate to be a Debbie downer, you must be warned that grey LVT will show up dirt much quicker than their brown counterparts. Therefore, if you have an untrained husband or clumsy children, you may want to double take this decision. However, this doesn't hold them back from being a timeless solution that will add a classy finish to any interior.

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Dark Wood LVT

From deep mahogany to warm tones of ash, dark wood is perfect for those who prefer to live on the darker side of life. Dark and indulgent tones help to create a formal feel in a kitchen, but can also be used in industrial-style kitchens for a modern and contemporary finish. Use as a backdrop if your kitchen is full of lightly-coloured features and furniture otherwise it can shrink your space and make it feel rather dark and gloomy (unless that's your thing).

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Light Stone LVT

Delivering a breath of fresh air perfect for modern kitchens, lightly coloured stone flooring floods your room with light and creates the feeling of space. From contemporary concretes to cool steel and marble shades, these LVT's mimic natural stone to a T but aren't quite as chilly on the toes as real deal. Effortlessly stylish, stone effect flooring is bang on trend and adds an instant appeal to a kitchen complementing any design scheme.

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Dark Stone

Nothing says 'I have a personal chef' more than dark stone flooring. From deep greys through to the richest of blacks, these stone effect tiles command attention and emit indulgence and luxury. More forgiving to dirt, dark stone tiles are a perfect choice for any country kitchen where there is a constant stream of wellington boots passing through. Creating a traditional yet contemporary look, opting for dark stone flooring gives your humble abode a smart modern edge.

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