How to Use Our Floor Visualiser

Jon Techilovsky

How to Use Our Floor Visualiser

Create your dream flooring with a single click.

This year we're making big moves, and creating our very own visualiser is one of those moves. You can now view most carpet tiles we have on our website in the visualiser, in a multitude of rooms. So if you're struggling to picture what a certain pattern will look like laid down in a room, let our visualiser do it for you! Pretty clever, huh?

Open the visualiser

How does it work?

Well, instead of me typing out a big “how to” instruction manual, here’s a video tutorial for you to follow, give it a watch!

It brings your create side out.

Not only can you see the carpet tiles in a bigger perspective, but you can change each individual carpet tile. So put your Andy Warhol head on (just don’t cut off your ear) and get to work creating masterpieces.

Stuck for inspo?

Browse our Shop the Look page to see what our design team has come up with and have a go yourself in the visualiser. Or if you’re struggling to find the right flooring for your sector, go to our Sectors tab at the top of our website to view each sector's collection.

Have a question?

Drop Annabelle a message on Live Chat or call 0345 222 1544, we're here from 8-5:30 Monday to Friday!