How 'Instagrammable' Interiors can help businesses stand out

Jon Techilovsky

How 'Instagrammable' Interiors can help businesses stand out

There’s no denying instagrams growing, powerful presence in recent years which makes it the perfect marketing tool for businesses. The best part about it is - you don’t have to pay for sponsored content in order to be seen.

The majority of us who have an instagram account are guilty of taking photos of things because they’re pretty to post on our feeds, whether that’s interesting artwork, funky signs or aesthetically pleasing decor. Businesses have picked up on our obsession to photo document EVERYTHING and are now incorporating that into their shops, cafes, restaurants, offices etc.

If someone said to you 15 years ago River Island will dedicate an entire wall covered in flowers for the public to take pictures of their outfits in front of, you’d call them ridiculous. Because it does sound ridiculous. But we see these walls and instagrammable set ups and we’re drawn to them like magpies to silver, phones at the ready trying to get that perfect shot for the ‘gram.

Most of us no longer want to spend a Saturday afternoon clothes shopping in our local shopping centre or town, because we can now shop online in the comfort of our own homes. Businesses need to create an in-store experience in order to remove the public from behind their screens and entice them back into stores.

One way to do that? Create a unique and quirky space to inspire people to take photos. Use the public to advertise your business for free! Once that picture is posted and your business is tagged, your brand has been introduced to that person’s followers. You’ll receive more business and publicity this way.

Use Instagram trends in your decor

Ever seen the account ihavethisthingwithfloors? It has over 800,000 followers and it exclusively reposts followers selfeets”. Choosing a unique flooring design can help your company stand out.


Create an Instagram business profile to inspire customers

Researching a business instagram to decide on whether to visit has now become our ritual. Use high quality, aesthetically pleasing photos of your interior to show potential customers what they’re missing. Entice the public through beautifully shot photos which they can recreate and post onto their feeds. Outstanding product and service are no longer the only components in creating a successful business, as more businesses emerge with unique and stunning interiors, the ones that don’t may fall behind. How photogenic a business’ interior can make it stand out from competition.