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Interface: New Product Launch


Interface: New Product Launch

Recently we took a cruise down the M62 to meet with Interface rep, Steven, in their Manchester office. We met to discuss some exciting new Interface products that are soon to be launching on DCTUK on May 31st. Since I was new to the world of carpet tiles it was also a chance for me to get the low-down on the industry leaders and what it is that makes Interface the best in the business.

First things first, if you know me you know I have a SERIOUS sweet tooth. Cakes, biscuits, chocolate, I’ll have it all! And I’m pretty sure our MD is trying to fatten us up with the constant supply of Costco cookies so we eventually can’t even move from our desks. But anyway, Interface immediately had the key to my sugary heart with the offering of yummy treats as soon as we crossed the threshold. Good move guys.

Secondly, the interior design of their office is impeccable! Steven mentioned he had to travel around 2 hours to and from work each day but when the office looks like that I’m sure it makes the tedious journey that little bit easier. The Interface office, of course, is a great advertisement of their products and you can’t help but be inspired to get funky with your flooring designs. LVT mixed with carpet planks, combining textures, pile heights, patterns and styles, you can immediately tell they are good at what they do and they’re number one for good reason.

Steven the Interface rep discussing products
Interface office floor combining LVT, planks and different pile heights and textures
The Interface Office - Example of mixing LVT with carpet planks and mixing a combination of pile heights and textures

Shortly after I stuffed my gob with a chocolatey delight, Steven started discussing their new ranges of Luxury Vinyl Tile; Boundary Metallics, Studio Set and the Level Set Collection. All of these products come with a Sound Choice backing layer which helps dampen out sound and can be easily installed with glue-free TacTiles. These TacTiles have a 90% lower environmental impact than traditional glue adhesive installation and we all love being extra green when we can. The Interface LVT ranges are made thick enough to ensure they can be laid side by side next to modular carpet with no need for transition strips, connectors or bridges; just a seamless, beautiful finish.

Boundary Metallics

Boundary Metallics was the first new range of LVT we discussed and immediately it caught my eye like a magpie hunting for sparkly goodies. This product comes in 6 colour options each possessing a combination of a warm and cool metallic sheen that has been inspired by industrial materials. I see a concrete or marble-like aesthetic when I look at this product however, it was made to sit alongside the Interface Global Change collection as together they are meant to resemble a natural forest floor. Boundary Metallics is an easy care product that is a perfect choice for busy spaces with high footfall. Due to its shading effects it is extremely forgiving of scuffs and marks making it a highly practical flooring option.

Boundary metallics in commercial corridor
Boundary metallics in apartment lobby

The Level Set Collection

The Level Set Collection consists of 4 types of patterns; Natural Stones and Woodgrains and Textured Stones and Woodgrains. All together this collection provides us with 28 on-trend colourways. The Woodgrains ranges come in 25x100cm skinny plank format with an aesthetic ranging from glossy to distressed. The Stones ranges come in the standard 50x50cm tile form and range from a subdued to outspoken look and feel.

Image of dark toned natural stone
Level Set - Natural Stone
Image of long ramp with textured stone
Level Set - Textured Stone

Deep brown natural woodgrain in a living space
Level Set - Natural Woodgrain
Grey/brown textured woodgrain used in seating area
Level Set - Textured Woodgrain

Studio Set

Studio Set is a LVT range that’s all about colour and confidence. It is a real hardwood alternative that’s available in 12 colourways ranging from your bolds and brights such as Lime and Marigold and your soft neutrals such as Pewter and Mushroom. The wood grain pattern of the 25x100cm plank adds depth as well as a textured illusion however it is the colours in this range that will really catch a visitors eye. You can mix the neutral tones with the brights to create a colour combination and design that is unique to that particular area. Or you can be completely fierce and go for a vibrant shade that covers an entire space.


The new Interface LVT products have launched! Click here to browse the ranges