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The dream team: Interface Yuton 104 & Yuton 105


The dream team: Interface Yuton 104 & Yuton 105

Valentines Day might be but a distant blur of red and pink now but we're still cooing over this absolute carpet tile dream team. They go by the name of Yuton 104 and Yuton 105 and come straight from the idea pool of industry-leading innovators, Interface.

I'm here to tell you exactly why so many of the architects, designers and commercial contractors that work with us are falling head over heels for these beauties right now...

The perfect pair

The more kooky of the dynamic duo, Yuton 104 likes to think outside the box at all times. Borrowing the best bits of tradition and marrying them together with cutting edge commercial design is what it's all about and we're loving it. The subtle but most definitely stylish geometric design is the perfect way to make a statement without having to shout too loud.

You know us, we're always the first to encourage you to break the rules but when a linear design like Yuton 105 comes along, we reckon it's okay to toe the line sometimes too. An understated stripe surface pattern adds a punch of personality and whole lorry loads of commercial class without becoming too much of a distraction. Magic.

Bare feet on kitchen floor tiles with underfloor heating
Example of the structure of underfloor heating

As with all great partnerships, this cutting edge collaboration understands the importance of independence as well as working together to create magic. That means either of them can be used exclusively for consistent, wall-to-wall applications or mixed & matched for a meeting of designs that would look jaw-dropping in any modern interior.

Both Yuton 104 and Yuton 105 come complete with a pretty impressive 15 year wear guarantee, fire-resistant properties, anti static qualities and a suitability for use with heavy contract commercial use.

Phew, that was a mouthful. Long story short, these are one this season's must-have flooring products get your free samples today and get a load of what all the fuss it about!