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Interior design trends for Autumn 2017


Interior design trends for Autumn 2017

It’s not long before Autumn 2017 is upon us. Office autumn starts on Friday 22 September 2017, but its already starting to feel a bit nippy out, and the nights are drawing in faster. With autumn drawing closer, let’s look at design trends for Autumn 2017.

Woven Textures

You can’t get more of an autumn feel than with some woven textures. Woven textures add a cosy ambience, from wicker baskets to textured tiles all add up to give that warm cottage feeling. DCTUK Nouveau Matrix has all the woven textures you need for this autumn's style.

Wicker Baskets are all the rage.
Nouveau Matrix - Origin

A Splash of Gold

Summer was all about the copper, but the copper is out and gold is now in. Golden tones are beginning to sneak in across all products from furniture to wallpaper to carpet tiles. Adding a touch of gold to any room makes it feel more glamorous, and can even add a bit of warmth to the room on a cold autumn day.

gold room
Golden accessories give a warm fell. 
gold carpets
Burmatex Cordiale - Bolivian Gold

Soft Velvet

Summer was all about the floral and outdoors patterns, but now we are moving into autumn, floral is out and velvet is in. This beautiful fabric can bring a lovely warm feeling to any home with the luxury texture. There are some lovely, soft, velvet-like planks which tick all the boxes for any autumn home.

Velvet adds a soft touch to any room.
Nouveau Vintage Plank - Moss

Dark Berry

During the summer, the colours have been light pinks and bright bold colours. Whilst sticking with bold, these bright colours have gone a bit moodier and took on a new darker shade. Dark berry tones are now all the rage, and we have the perfect tile to match this new look, Paragon Diversity.

Dark berry gives a warm ambience to any room.
Paragon Diversity - Purple Rain

Fancy any of these tiles to create your autumn look and feel? Bag yourself up-to four samples for FREE.

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