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It's All About the Greys!

Jon Techilovsky

It's All About the Greys!

I’m pretty sure this blog post will not come as a surprise to you. Grey has been the talk of the Interiors town for the past few years and there certainly ain’t no signs of it slowing down any time soon. Grey walls, grey floors, grey couches, grey rugs… When you say it like that is sounds rather bland but we all know when it comes to grey interiors a cloud of grey is a heavenly sight indeed. Believe it or not, it really is just all about the greys!

Grey’s a firm favourite in homes and commercial spaces all over the world (I’ll even admit my home is centred around the G word) but that’s also due to how hassle free it is to design with. If you give yourself a neutral grey background you can easily add colour through furniture and decorative pieces, then if you get bored and want a change what do you do? Simply swap these items to incorporate another colour or shade without the need to splash out on new walls and floors as well as pricey hired help.

Grey is also a very tranquil and comforting tone. It’s not busy and overbearing like some bold colours and patterned wallpapers can be. Like, do you remember that phase in the noughties when everyone had bright orange and red walls? Pardon my French, but helllllll to the no! As I was typing that I remembered I once had a bright yellow room with lime green skirting boards and a bright orange carpet. I know, what a disaster. Anyway, the colour grey has a bad rep for being miserable and depressing when actually it is very soothing and helps to create a relaxed and calming atmosphere.

So, are you joining me on the road to interior grey goodness? Hop onboard guys because once you go grey, there is no other way! Yup, I totally cringed at that too. Here at DCTUK we have overloads of grey products for every style and taste out there but I’ve narrowed them down to my firm favourites to save you the trouble.

Concrete Heaven

Let’s start off with the products that can give your grey interior that extra bit of depth by going down the industrial-luxe route. These are the faux concrete numbers that will get all the hipster's over-grown beards turning green with envy.

(Left to right) Nouveau Concrete and Nouveau Drift

(Left to right) Polyflor Silentflor PUR and Forbo Flotex Concrete

Modulyss Masters

Those guys down at Modulyss also know a thing or two about the grey trend, of course... (rolls eyes), so here’s two of my favourites from them!

(Left to right) Modulyss DSGN Cloud and Modulyss First Blocks

Trusty Nouveau

Then last but certainly not least are our little babies, the Nouveau bunch. These products are guaranteed to satisfy your grey interior needs without breaking the bank.

(Left to right) Nouveau Carnival and Nouveau Bee Line

(Left to right) Nouveau Connections and Nouveau Essentials