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Fantastic Fits of July

Annabelle Harris

Fantastic Fits of July

DCTUK Nationwide Fitting Service

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers that chose DCTUK this month, here's a cheeky little round up of some of the best bits this month.

I said maybe, DCTUK fitting is gonna be the one that saves me...

Oh we do love bright colours and punchy designs here at DCTUK and these stand out carpet tiles from Heuga 580 were perfect for the job. 580 is a spledid choice when you're on the hunt for stylish carpet tiles for a busy commercial environment where durability is key and footfall is high.

We were jumping for joy when our clients approached DCTUK because of our 'stress-free' fitting service and DCTUK carried out a cheeky site survey to offer some words of wisdom (aka measurements and all that jazz) and to check out the space beforehand. Our fabulous fitters made sure everything fell into place with a quick and simple straight-lay service.

Check out all the pictures from this project here.


Our friends over in Tunbridge Wells needed our expert cap and cove skills

Opting for plyboard and feather, this required our fitters to lay rectangular pieces of plywood across the floor followed by a quick feather to fill in the gaps to ensure a smooth and flat surface. Next up our guys laid 80m2 of Polyflor Forest FX PUR - Parish Oak Parquet and Polysafe Stone FX PUR - Light Concrete and topped it off with cap and cove for the finishing touch.

Polyflor Forest and Stone are the perfect choice if you are on the hunt for something stylish yet hard-wearing. Our floor fitters did a sterling job on their Straight Lay installation here, 'Excellent', in fact.


Trend alert: accents are back to break up large spaces

Some say simplicity is the key of life and here at DCTUK we believe simplicity is also a fantabulous idea when it comes to design... most of the time.

In this 110m2 project located in the hustle and bustle of Bristol, our team fitted Nouveau Rio carpet tiles in Grey with accent colours of Black randomly, but logically, scattered throughout. A simple idea but a very effective outcome, transforming something that would usually be a standard grey finish into something modern and striking. 

DCTUK also fitted 10m2 of our very own and exclusive Nouveau Entrance Matting - Cilla Black which is designed to provide superior and strong protection against muddy footprints and inevitable tea and biscuit spillages.


Barricade your floors from that pesky dirt which is walked in each day

Our fitters travelled to the only way is Essex for this one, luckily there were no run ins with the infamous Gemma Collins however, one of our fitters has returned with a questionable tan...

Our clients opted for 112m2 of the ever so popular Interface Barricade One in the shade Brown and tiles this tip-top require a tip-top subfloor. Our fitting went in to scrape away any blemishes and carried out a full feather of the subfloor before installing the carpet tiles to give their space a much needed modern face-lift.

Interface Barricade One helps to protect your floors from dirt, as well as reducing maintenance cost from cleaning and improves the lifetime of your flooring. Sounds like these guys made a smart move with their flooring choice ey?


A taste of Nouveau Elite Gradient for the local pub...

Well it seems like stripes are all the rage in the fashion world and the carpet tile one too! When the customer goes for something as classic and on-trend as Nouveau Elite Gradient we certainly can't argue with them. Opting for the shade Cherry Hill, Elite Gradient is made using durable yarns, meaning these tiles could withstand a marathon of woolly mammoths never mind your everyday footfall from the locals sprinting into the pub to make up for the months of missed pints.

Taking advantage of their empty bar stools, DCTUK uplifted the existing flooring to make way for the newbies. Our fitters did a superb job on their straight lay installation here, a smooth and stress free service as promised.


Standard by name but certainly not standard by nature...

Our friends over in Bradford needed our expert team of fitters and their vinyl skills to help re-vamp their village hall. DCTUK installed 70m2 of Polysafe Standard PUR - Silver Birch but before the sheet vinyl could be installed, our fitters needed to give the sub floor a teeny-tiny bit of TLC.

Arriving at the crack of dawn, our fitters began by screeding the subfloor to create a smooth and flat surface for the vinyl to then be laid on. A quick cuppa whilst waiting for the screed to dry, they then began the task of laying the vinyl. Splendid work guys.


A surestep in the right direction for this Staffordshire high school

Sheet vinyl is always a popular choice for busy environments so it's no surprise that Forbo Surestep Material is making an appearance in this schools hallways. Our fitters began their day with a good ol' screed to ensure a subfloor as smooth as silk before straight laying the vinyl.

Opting for the shade Quartz Stone, Forbo Surestep is highly durable, safety vinyl, the perfect selection for a large variety of commercial spaces where spillage and slippage isn't out of the ordinary.


Could you be featuring on our Fantabulous Fits of August?

We have fitters all across the UK ready to complete your project next week. No waiting period, whether it's daytime, evening or weekends, we will work around your schedule. Nothing is too big or too small for us here (we don't judge) and we will literally fit anything. 

We have recently updated our residential fitting service to include LVT, laminate and screeding, check it out HERE!

So if you're interested in taking advantage of this fabulous fitting service, all you need to do is head on over to our online fitting page and fill out the enquiry form. Alternatively, you can call our savy sales team on 0345 222 1544 and we can give you a quote for both your products and the fitting of them too.