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Kitchen is the heart of the home


Kitchen is the heart of the home

We have all heard the saying “Home is where the heart is”, But which room is the heart of the house?

Over the past few decades, the kitchen has slowly become the heart of the house. You throw parties in there, your breakfast with the family in there, you shear drinks and talks with nearest and dearest. In fact, your kitchen wears many hats, it’s the centre of activates.

But why is the kitchen the heart of the home, Here at DCTUK we have gathered some reason why it is?

Family Fun in the Kitchen

From baking cakes, to finger painting the kitchen has seen it all. The kitchen gives everyone an opportunity to get a little messy, create new things and learn new recipes.

Here at DCTUK, we have found some perfect carpet tiles to go into the heart of your home. These Nouveau Studio tiles are perfect to allow the children to get messy, as they are easy to clean and will keep your toes cosy.

Nouveua Studio
Nouveau Studio

It’s a Must Have

In every home, there is some sort of kitchen, it’s a basic requirement to have somewhere to prepare and cook a meal. There is no other room in the house apart from the bathroom which has such a distinct purpose.

Because your kitchen is a must have, we have found some must have tiles to go into your kitchen. These Heuga Le Bistro tiles are perfect for making any kitchen feel loved, and also come with a whopping 7 year guarantee, so you know they will last.

Heuga Le Bistro
Heuga Le Bistro

The main character of the house

People tend to put a lot of money into their kitchens, this is because when it comes to selling a home the kitchen is a large part of the value of the home. But also, having a kitchen which you enjoy being in makes a difference to how you feel, and can turn a bad day into a fantastic day.

There is no need to break the bank when it comes to your kitchen floor. We have the beautiful Heuga Colour Collection, which will make you fall in love with your kitchen floor again and again

Heuga Colour Collection
Heuga Colour Collection

Liked these tiles? We have may more suitable for the kitchen just click here... Don’t forget you can order up to 4 Free samples of carpet tiles, so you can try before you buy.