Let the natural beauty flow through your flooring


Let the natural beauty flow through your flooring

We always love the beauty of natural looking flooring, from the natural grains that run through wood, to the sparkle of the night sky in the cosmos. Once again, our friends from Polyflor have knocked us off our feet with this collection.

Expona Flow wood

Let start our journey in the woods. Breathe in and let the crisp air, with the scent of fresh pinewood, fills your lungs. The sun breaking through the gaps between the leave, the cracking of branches as the wind gently sweeps and dances between the trees. A sense of calm flows through you.

Expona Flow Wood Flooring
Expona Flow wood flooring

Sympathetically portraying the natural beauty of timber planks, the Expona Flow Wood collection offers a mixture of tones, grains and treatments including weathered, painted and limed effects. 

Expona Flow Infinity 

What does Infinity look like to you? The flow of lines as a spaceship travels to ‘infinity and beyond’? Expona Flow Infinity is influence from traditional textiles and woven floor coverings.

Expona Flow Infinity Vinyl
Expona Flow Infinity Vinyl

Each of the linear patterns in Expona Flow Infinity is composed of harmonious beige, gold and brown shades all blended together, eliminating the use of hard lines to create a softer, more organic appearance.

Expona Flow Cosmos

From infinity to our cosmos, A universe is a big place filled with such beautiful natural phenomena’s, just look up to the night sky and you can see this. From the bright oranges and yellows of the sun to the whispers of greens and blues of the northern lights, Expona Flow Cosmos brings them back down to earth.

Expona Flow Cosmos
Expona Flow Cosmos

Expona Flow Cosmos takes its inspiration from the night sky, with a glittering range of vinyl flooring like stars to bright bold solid colours like the sun. 

Expona Flow Concrete

As we near the end of the collection we come back down to earth and place our feet firmly on the Concrete. Expona Flow Concrete bridges the gap between neutral and decorative flooring.

Expona Flow Concretes
Expona Flow Concretes

Providing a creative twist to an otherwise traditional polished concrete floor, the irregular stencil work gives the appearance of an aged floor that has been worn down over many years.

The Expona collection has been specifically developed for very heavy commercial installations including education, healthcare, office, retail and leisure sectors.

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