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Luvanto Endure Pro - The life-proof flooring

Jon Techilovsky

Luvanto Endure Pro - The life-proof flooring

Luvanto Endure Pro is the latest flooring technology that every man and his dog is trying to get their hands on. It’s is an easy to install click system with BUILT-IN UNDERLAY to deliver a professional finish, so you can say goodbye to purchasing underlay separately. This built in underlay means it can be installed over most existing hard flooring surfaces - saving you time and money, who doesn't want that?

The planks have a high slip resistant (R10) which ensures safety for all the nans and granddads out there that aren’t too steady on their feet, young children who are just learning to walk, and for you coming back from the pub after sinking one too many sherbets.

Endure Pro does not expand with heating and cooling so you can install the flooring in areas of direct sunlight such as conservatories and rooms with large patio doors. It has a tough 0.7mm wear layer so it's ideal for manic households with lots of children and pets - it's basically life-proof.

luvanto endure pro
luvanto endure pro

You can order some free samples to decide your colour or buy QA Luvanto Endure Pro on our website DCTUK and save 15% off with the discount code located on each Luvanto product page. We are the home of affordable design after all.