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Meet the Forbo Create Space family


Meet the Forbo Create Space family

The stylish Forbo Tessera Create Space collection has been designed with modern monkeys and cutting-edge cool cats in mind. It's made using 100% recycled ECONYL® so it's bound to be a popular choice amongst you green-thinking carpet-tilers.

This trio of ranges all meet stringent indoor air quality standards, are made using electricity from 100% renewable sources and offer resistance against slipping, fire and static so they're ticking boxes you didn't even know you had. Now let's look at them all in a little more detail...

Create Space 1: the perfectly plain Jane

This baby might be plain in design but she's certainly not short of personality. Create Space 1 boasts a versatile palette of 18 classic colourways that will get any commercial customer excited and can be magically mixed and matched with Create Space 2 or Create Space 3 - just watch out for those varying pile heights.

Shop Create Space 1 £4.18 per tile limited launch price.

Create Space 2: the sophistication of stripes

Create Space 2 features a sophisticated striped surface design so you can afford to have little fun, even in the most straight-laced commercial spaces. Life's too short to be serious all the time after all. There's a whacking 15 colours to choose from too.

Shop Create Space 2 £4.86 per tile limited launch price.

Create Space 3: the texture you'll want to touch

Create Space 3 has been cleverly crafted using multi-level loops for a luxurious velvety texture that you just won't be able to keep your hands (or feet off). This one's a real multi-sensory maverick.

Shop Create Space 3 £5.36 per tile limited launch price.

FYI - these ranges are all Buy by the Box so you'll need to purchase them in quantities of 20. If you get stuck, just give us a buzz on 0345 222 1544.