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Mix and match with Modulyss First

Naomi Kenny

Mix and match with Modulyss First

You may be familiar with Modulyss’ collection First, which was launched 10 years ago (I know, it's crazy to think that 2010 was an ENTIRE decade ago). Since 2010 they’ve sold over 450000m2 of First all around the world which is an incredible number to achieve.

Fast forward to 2020, Modulyss have created First, the new revamped and on-trend premium quality carpet tile collection.

Developed to bring the ideal combination of design, performance and value, the collection consists of 5 loop-pile carpet tile ranges that can be used on their own or mixed & matched into exciting floor layouts.   

Modulyss First Collection from DCTUK on Vimeo.


What's in the collection?

Decode, Define, Straightline and Streamline have now joined First Forward (that was launched earlier this year) to complete the ultimate, modern collection. Let’s delve deeper into the four new ranges. 


First Straightline

This carpet tile takes First Lines to a whoooole new level! Using 4 base colours from First Forward, First Straightline adds a soft and refined contrasting Pinstripe to the collection. 



First Streamline

First Streamline is the new and improved First Stripes. The multi-striped design adds a soft linear contrast to your flooring design, whilst also creating a sophisticated knitted effect. Very fancy. And besides being a match made in heaven with First Forward, First Streamline can match effortlessly with a selection of colours from Motion and Vision



First Decode

So the other two designs were just revamps of the old ones, but First Decode is a brand new design in the first collection. Moving from light to dark and from thin to thicker lines, First Decode offers a gradient-like barcode effect that will look great in a variety of spaces. 



First Define

First define is also a new design, the expressive pattern of First Define mimics the randomised texture of concrete which has been very on trend in the interior world the past couple of years. If you’re a fan of the concrete look but hand how cold and hard it is, this carpet tile will be perfect for your interior. Modulyss predicts this will be a best seller!



Is the Modulyss First collection affordable?

YES. Being the home of affordable design, we get VERY excited when we come across an amazing collection like this one AND it’s affordable! 

Will the existing First ranges be discontinued?

Yes, but don’t panic! It won’t happen yet. You’ve got until May 2021 until they discontinue First Lines, First Stripes, First Radiant, First Waves and First Blocks.

Oh and one more thing, if you’ve fallen in love with Modulyss’ First Forward like we have and want it fitted, we can do that too! AND if you choose to have any flooring fitted by us, we can offer a free design service for you. So if you’re struggling to design your dream flooring, our interior dream team can help transform your space into a pinnable pinterest post.