New Nouveau tiles, drum roll please


New Nouveau tiles, drum roll please

Here at DCTUK, we get so excited when we have new tiles, just like children on Christmas day, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

StainSafe & Bleach Washable

When picking a carpet tile, we don’t just pick the first tile we come across. No, here at DCTUK we like to make life a little easier for our customers. How have we done this you may be asking? As part of our new collection of carpet tiles, we have included a selection of tiles which are StainSafe and bleach washable. 

Nouveau Circus
Nouveau Circus - Acrobat
Nouveau Momentum Impluse
Nouveau Momentum - Impluse

 PA Imprel® Yarn

What is PA Imprel® Yarn you may be asking yourself? And why have DCTUK chosen tiles made with this? There are 5 reasons for this.

1 – Dye-ability, the open molecular structure that allows dyestuffs to penetrate more easily and provides a greater affinity for acid dyes

2 – Soiling, doesn’t soil as fast as other yarns meaning processing the yarn doesn’t have any impact on the yarn.

3 – Staining, the yarn has topical stain resistance protection which means it is less likely to stain.

5 - Appearance RETENTION, this yarn is hardwearing, and can withstand heavy traffic and continuous use.

6 - Recycling, this yarn can be 100% recycled to use again without loss of properties

Nouveau Matric
Nouveau Matrix - Origin
Nouveau Formation
Nouveau Formation - Cloud

DCTUK 7 Year Guarantee

Here at DCTUK, we love you make sure our customers are satisfied with every product they buy, and every service they use. So what is a better way of giving peace of mind and satisfaction than by giving a product guarantee? All products featured in this blog all come with a 7 year guarantee, so you can be sure to trust our products.

Nouveau Vintage Plank
Nouveau Vintage Plank - Moss
Nouveau Play
Nouveau Play - Scientist

Did you Know?

Here at DCTUK, we have specialist fitters for fitting vinyl flooring. We offer our bespoke installation service for orders of over 50m2 and call upon our team of expert fitters to make sure you achieve that professional finish every time.

Need a fitting? Drop us a line on 0345 222 1544, or fill out our fitting form.