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Rebecca Ali

Gerflor's Linoleum Collection

Fresh off the plane from Germany, Gerflor’s Linoleum has just landed on the DCTUK website. With 153 different colours and designs to choose from, this collection's certainly brought a lot of baggage to check out! The collection has been split into 5 ranges: Arabesque, Colorette, Linoleum (Lino) Art, Marmorette and Uni Walton. So whether you're renovating the office or redecorating the living room, Gerflor's Linoleum has something for you!

What is Linoleum?

Before I tell you more about the ranges, lets talk a little more about Linoleum.

Linoleum is one of the most natural types of flooring you can buy when you take a look at what goes into it, and Gerflor's linoleum is no different. The Gerflor linoleum collection is the latest and greatest in sustainable flooring. Made from 98% natural materials such as wood flour, limestone and cork, Gerflor's linoleum doesn't only look great but it helps save the environment too🌍 Not only does it have the environmental advanatges, it has a lot of advanatages for it's buyers too! Gerflor's linoleum flooring is highly durable against stains and damage thanks to it's Neocare technology. It's easy to clean and it has the added bonus of anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Not only this but, linoleum is also suitable for walls, ceilings and kitchen coungter tops. Gerflor's linoleum comes with a 10 year guarentee and can be delivered to you within 10 working days! 

Now lets move onto the ranges! 


Starting off with Arabesque, this is ideal if you're looking for something classic and chic. It's Gerflor's smallest range in its linoleum collection. It has 6 different coloured marble designs to choose from: Alcino, Antico, Verona, Seravezza, Monarca and Prato. Prato is my personal favourite from this range, it's a beautiful blue/teal shade that can brighten up any room. 



If you're sommeone who's no stanger to having a pop of colour in your interior design, definitley take a look at Gerflor's Colorette. Colorette is the go-to for you if you’re looking to make a statement. This rage offers 19 bold shades, all with a marbled design, perfect for catching the eye of passers-by. One of the brightest shades in the bunch is Spciy Green, although the shade might seem too bright for some, it's perfect for uplifting neutral toned rooms and bringing them back to life. 


Linoleum (Lino) Art is great if you're looking for something fun and quirky, just not quite as quirky as colorette. Unlike the previous two ranges, Lino Art offers different designs other than just marble, it also has plain, stripe and specked designs too. Lino Art is the second biggest range in the Gerflor Linoleum collection, offering up a total of 48 different designs in a variety of colours. One of my favourite designs in this range is called Magma. It's a horizontal stripe design that has specks of orange, black and grey flowing through the cream coloured flooring. 



Marmorette is the biggest range in the Gerflor linoleum collection. It has a total of 64 different shades to choose from all in a marbel design. One of my personal favourites in this range is the shade Light Grey. This is a versatile shade that would look great in any room of the house or in an office space. It’s a design that never seems to go out of style, so if you’re looking for something you know you’ll still love a few years down the line, I’d recommend Marmorette Light Grey.


Uni Walton

The fifth and final range in the Gerflor Linoleum collection is Uni Walton. I’d describe Uni Walton as a timeless classic. This range has 16 different shades that all come in a sleek, plain design. A specific shade that caught my eye in this range is Olive. Unlike your typical creams and greys, Olive gives your room a bit more substance and life without being as bold as the shades/designs in Colorette or Lino Art. 


All of these ranges are available to shop right now on our website! Remember you can order a free smaple before committing to the real thing, so why not get yourslef a couple of samples and give us a call when you've found the one for you.