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Nouveau Connections Stripe vs Nouveau Connections

Georgia Urmson

What is the difference?!

So, you're looking at which carpet tile to go for and you have whittled it down to Nouveau Connections and Nouveau Connections Stripe. After all they are twin sisters, so incredibly hard to choose between the two, right? Well, I'm here to help!

Basically the Nouveau Connections Stripe just has thicker ridges making the 'stripes' look more prominent - therefore the stripe name..duh. Whilst the Nouveau Connections still has the ridges but they are just thinner and less noticeable. So, it really depends on personal preference here. 

The Nouveau Connections Stripe comes in 8 colours and the Nouveau Connections comes in 12 colours.

I still can't decide, can I buy both together?

Of course! They fit together like two peas in a pod! You can mix and match these carpet tiles to your hearts content. Not only does it look super cool (like me)😎, it can also have a really beneficial reasoning to this too. 

EG. Ever had that awkward moment of walking into a meeting thinking it's just a free table? Well problem solved. Why not use the Nouveau Connections Stripe to zone out different areas? So, pop down the stripe to show the meeting tables, and pop the Nouveau Connections down for walkways / other areas. Or in true 2020/2021 fashion, use it for social distancing purposes!😷 


I have bought the Connections Stripe but I need to replace just 1, is this possible?

So, you or your colleague have spilt your microwave meal for lunch on the floor and you just can't get it out. That's fine! We now offer a Pick n Mix! No, I'm not talking about those stale sweets you get in bags from the ice cream man. I'm talking about the new section on our website that lets you order any quantity from a range of different carpet tiles! And guess what, Nouveau Connections Stripe and Nouveau Connections is involved! No more forking out money for a whole box of 20 just to replace the one. Just buy the one! Simples! So, not only is this going to save you money, it's going to save you time too! Do you know how easy and quick it is to replace one carpet tile?! It is as easy as zipping up your jacket! 

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