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Our Top 5 Fave Flooring Designs!

Lily Field

Picky, picky, picky.

This blog has not been the easiest to put together because 1) I am very indecisive and 2) Our projects are all just too good to narrow it down to 5 faves! As you will see from our project pages we cover a lot of design styles as well as sectors, ranging from offices to leisure. Each and every one is super different, we love promoting our Nouveau Connections tile in Soft grey for office spaces just as much as we love our Cosy Toes II collection for our residential customers. However, who doesn't love a lil pizazz every now and again. Next time you go to choose your flooring get groovy baby and add a splash of pink or yellow or green to your floor!

Now, don't get me wrong I am not jumping at the opportunity to add yellow carpet tiles throughout my house but I am for PINK! I would happily live in Barbie's Dreamhouse and dec my interior out in rose, fuscha, hot pink because whatever pink it is I am buying. 

But maybe you aren't feeling crazy with the colour so why not go for checkerboard pattern instead of a linear block of colour? Why not add a border to your space instead of just black? Why not add some pink! (Kidding obvs)

The Main Event- Soap Media, Preston

Ok, enough of me rambling on about pink... Introducing our Top Five Fave Designs, I say 'Our' loosely because they are mostly mine! 

And in at number 1 we have Soap Media in Preston. Hold onto your socks folks, because we've got a stunning floor plan that's gonna knock 'em right off! Our design team took inspiration from Interface and decided to add a little pop of pink to match our client's branding. The fitting team worked their magic with Interface's Human Nature Carpet Planks in colors 810 and 850, plus Paragon's DesignDek Carpet Planks in the bold and beautiful shade of Hex.

The end result? A floor that's not only functional but drop-dead gorgeous! And yes I lied, here I am at number one choosing a design with pink in it but guys how could I not I mean look at the pattern and how well it is combined with the grey. MWAH! Chef's kiss.


Westcountry Group, Andover

At number 2 we've got: Westcountry Group in Andover. Woo-hoo! We've scored a winner with the Westcountry Group in Andover, and we couldn't be happier! Our team is going wild over the flooring design, featuring Interface's Human Connections - Moss Carpet Tiles.

These babies come in four different color options and are tough as nails, made from 100% recycled solution dyed nylon, and perfect for commercial use. But that's not all, folks! These tiles can fit together in all sorts of ways to create paths, intersections, collision zones, and destinations. Talk about versatile!

Not to mention their biophilic aesthetic, which brings us back to nature with a cool and funky twist. Adding a biophilic inspired design style to your workpsace can improve your mental wellbeing whilst adding colour can also contribute to a more pleasant atmosphere, so not only is this carpet tile good for your eyes, it is good for your mind.


Urban Playground, Manchester

Coming in at number 3 we've got Urban Playground in Manchester! The super cool Cube-themed restaurant in Manchester is an impressive 3000m2 space, and is now open for business. As the flooring supplier for this project, our team had the pleasure of fitting the restaurant with Polyflor's Bloc PUR sheet vinyl in the elegant shade of Classic Black, which perfectly complements the theme. We're incredibly proud of the result and consider it a definite showstopper. It's an excellent opportunity for visitors to put their skills to the test while enjoying a unique dining experience.

Not only is our flooring looking 'gorge' but the lighting and elements in this space really do complete the look. The vibrant nature adds to this experiential space and really draws you to go and visit. We definitely recommend visiting this super cool space cos who doesn't love a bit of thinking and drinking. Maybe not so much thinking...



MAST Architects, Glasgow

Our next best design is... MAST Architects, a highly regarded architectural firm based in Glasgow, Scotland. The company have established a reputation for creating innovative, sustainable, and award-winning designs. Their portfolio includes a range of projects, from commercial buildings and educational facilities to residential developments and community spaces. MAST Architects is committed to delivering high-quality designs that meet their clients' needs and exceed their expectations. So pairing them with our team at DCTUK, we are simply a match made in heaven!

This vibrant colour combo is definitely a must to spice up the work place and add a whole bucket load of character, Red is a stimulating colour and can improve alterness in work, allowing employees to be productive. So that is why we installed Modulyss Cambridge carpet tiles in six different colours!

Alls we are saying is do not let any Bulls near this place, otherwise we might have to refit them... Good for us, maybe not for you!


Everard Construction, London

Last but not least, at number 5 we have Everard Construction which is a project we are yet to fit! 

This customer opted for Nouveau Infinity Carpet tiles which immediately infuses excitement into your workspace! These tiles boast quirky and entertaining patterns and are available in an array of colors that are guaranteed to make an impression.

With a selection of options that includes lively reds, along with the trendy greys that our client selected, you can truly showcase your personality with your flooring selection. Although it is a simple design, it is indeed effective and that is what we stand by. Like I said earlier our customers do not always need to go for a crazy design but adding a small splash of colour or a simple transition tile can be an absolute game changer!

Don't forget to revisit our project page once the installation is complete to have a glimpse of the finished look.