5 Carpet Tiles Inspired by the Color Red

Xhesika Tufa

The color red always draws attention and stimulates a good mood. Imagine designing your home or office with a touch of red to attract and show power.

Although a brave color to pick when you’re designing the flooring, red is the best choice to go with if you want to use neutral color furniture.

Azure, sandy, or creamy white bed, desk, and doors? Well done. You have rich preferences.


We’ve listed five carpet tiles inspired by the color red so you can consider them. Remember: red never goes out of style!

Nouveau Rio Red Carpet Tiles

Nouveau Rio Red Carpet Tiles are very durable! They have a fiber-bonded rib pile construction and a budget-conscious price point. Also, their vibrant red creates interior magic.


  • 50cm x 50cm carpet tiles
  • Easy to clean
  • Seriously durable
  • Popular in schools & universities
  • Anti-static to stop electric shocks
  • Sound insulation of 23dB


Order FREE samples of the Nouveau Rio Red Carpet Tiles here.


Modulyss Alpha 340 Carpet Tiles

Modulyss Alpha 340 Carpet Tiles is a performance and quality leader.

It is also a firm favorite in tons of commercial spaces around the country. It has a jaw-dropping 15-year guarantee!


  • Both neutral and brightly colored yarn palette
  • Castor chair A rated
  • 30dB Impact noise rating
  • 100% Nylon tile


Order FREE samples of the Modulyss Alpha 340 Carpet Tiles here.


Interface Composure Cranberry Carpet Tiles

Interface Composure Cranberry Carpet Tiles are inspired by the fabulous patterns, shapes, and lines that form in rocks and stones. It is a creative design and provides professional performance. Designed for busy modern offices and cutting-edge commercial spaces.


  • 100% recycled nylon
  • Non-directional installation
  • Suitable for heavy contract use
  • Has a refreshed palette
  • Perfect for zoning and wayfinding
  • Suitable for use with castor chairs


Order FREE samples of the Interface Composure Cranberry Carpet Tiles here.


Heuga 580 Firecracker Carpet Tiles

Heuga 580 Firecracker Carpet Tiles is ethical and ecologically responsible to help you reduce your carbon footprint. It has low-level, loop pile carpet tiles that deliver wear-resistant, fire-retardant, and anti-static qualities. Perfect for both domestic and office interiors!


  • Perfect for home and workplace
  • Suitable for use with castor chairs
  • Fire-resistant qualities
  • 15-Year guarantee
  • 100% Nylon fibre


Order FREE samples of the Heuga 580 Firecracker Carpet Tiles here.

Paragon Workspace Loop Rose Carpet Tiles

Paragon Workspace Loop Rose Carpet Tiles is an eye-catching design! It provides diversity and has ground-breaking wear resistance!


  • Perfect for offices and large spaces
  • Suitable for heavy contract commercial use
  • Suitable for use with castor chairs
  • BREEAM A+ rated
  • Contains up to 50% recycled content
  • 10-Year guarantee


Order FREE samples of the Paragon Workspace Loop Rose Carpet Tiles here.


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