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Renovate your home with Gerflor LVT ??

Georgia Urmson

Looking to update your home with some gorgeous looking floor? Look no further as the Gerflor Creation 55 LVT just might be the option for you. 

Fussy with colours or designs and can't decide? This LVT comes in loads of different choices so you'll be sure to match something to your interior! Don't worry if you get stuck I'm here to recommend my top Gerflor faves, just read on below 👇🏼

Creation 55 LVT - Clic Carrare

Now this is my ultimate fave! 😍 The Gerflor Creation 55 in Clic Carrare features a marble-like design giving you that top notch luxury look. 

Coming with a 12 year warranty, it is slip-resistant, has great sound absorption and is easy maintenance, this LVT is the perfect contender for any room in your house. My personal preference would be to put this beauty in the kitchen! 🙌🏼


Gerflor Creation 55 Gluedown Norvegian Stone

Norvegian Stone is not for the faint of heart. It’s for the confident, the risk takers, the brave. Of course not wanting a black floor in your home doesn’t mean you’re not any of those things, but this vinyl really is the Queen of the Fearless. Wherever you put it, it will give the room a massive wow effect and it will be a showstopper for the years to come. So if your soul yearns for a dark vinyl, look no further, this is your stop.

Order your FREE samples today and get going with that refurbishment project!


Gerflor Creation 55 Dryback Chevron Hurricane

Ready to step into the spotlight? Better be, as this floor will unquestionably put you there! Chevron Hurricane is definitely going to cause a stir amongst anyone who enters your home, and it will not be easily forgotten. Hurricane shouts grandeur, chic, confidence and style. This floor will represent your expensive, modern taste to a T. Anywhere you put it will add natural beauty and a refined, extravagant look.

This stunning babe comes with a 12 year warranty, slip-resistance, great sound absorption and being easy to clean.


Gerflor Creation 55 Looselay Longboard

Effortlessly stylish and one of a kind, Gerflor’s Creation 55 LVT collection is crafted to structure a space and replicate natural materials like wood and stone whilst still being a fully practical flooring.

Longboard is a stunning plank, the cool brown tones contrast with the darker greys which will bring a different dynamic to any interior. Amador has the look of real wooden floor but with the comfort and warmth underfoot of a luxury vinyl tile.


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