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September 12th – Day of the Programmer.


September 12th – Day of the Programmer.

Programmer (noun) – A person who fixes a problem that you don’t know you have, in a way you don’t understand.

Shout out to all the programmers out there, as without them you wouldn’t be reading this right now! We have come a long way with programming, it is outstanding the things that are achievable with it.

That is why here at DCTUK we are celebrating the day of the programmer. We are doing it by bringing you all our programming and technology-themed tiles.

All Things Digital

Even Geoff in accounts who has been sat behind the same desk since the electronic calculator was first invented and is completed bewildered by smartphones, and anything else which is electronic, can get on board with this universal range Nouveau Digital and Nouveau Digital lines.

Nouveau Digital
Nouveau Digital
Nouveau Digital Lines
Nouveau Digital Lines

The Matrix

You can’t get any geekier than you do with the matrix. We all picture the green code scrolling down the screen when someone mentions the matrix. For some of us things like the matrix blows our mind, we start questioning what is the matrix.

Although our tile isn’t black with green number and lettering, this range shears it names with The Matrix. The only difference between the Matrix and Nouveau Matrix is it won’t leave you confused.

Nouveau Matrix
Nouveau Matrix


HTML, Javascript, PHP, C# - some of us will know what that is, others won’t have a clue. These are just a very small sample example of code. Code which is used to make this website you're currently on, as well as many other sites you come across. Today’s society is all about being ‘online’ our banking, our shopping and anything else we can pretty much think of.

We have two very suiting tiles Burmatex Code and Burmatex Tivoli Online.

Burmatex Code
Burmatex Tivoli Online.r
Burmatex Tivoli Online

We hope you have a greater ‘Day of the Programmer’ and appreciate the things they have done for us.