Top 10 World Cup Songs: Both Good and Bloomin' Bad


Top 10 World Cup Songs: Both Good and Bloomin' Bad

So the week we’ve been waiting for after 4 long years has finally arrived. The week the FIFA World Cup 2018 begins! This year it’s, somewhat controversially, being hosted by Russia. However, I don’t want to hover over that topic for too long because I might end up with a nerve agent on my door knob… Just kidding! Anastasia is one of my ultimate favourite Disney films and who doesn’t love a cheeky vodka now and then? I’m digging myself a bigger hole? Okay, I’ll stop now…

Swiftly moving on, once again there is no official England World Cup song. In fact, there hasn’t been one since 2006 when Embrace gave us World at Your Feet”. I’m guessing the FA decided to jib them off because they clearly haven’t helped motivate our players to victory in over half a century. Yes, England haven’t won in that long. But if you love to belt out a World Cup anthem in the car with tacky flags (sorry to say, but they are) clamped onto your doors do not fret, I’ve scraped together a list of my Top 10 World Cup songs both official and unofficial. Yeah, I wasn’t even born for a lot of them but I can still appreciate a good banger.

1. World Cup Willie – Lonnie Donegan
England, 1966

So I thought we’d start off with this old chestnut. You can tell it’s one that the kids in the 60s would absolutely love and be belting out on the way to school with their mates. Although it might not be the most sophisticated song, it bloomin’ done its job didn’t it as the 1966 World Cup is the only one we’ve EVER managed to win. A lovely 4-2 against West Germany, we can only dream for another result like that.

2. World in Motion – New Order ft. John Barnes
Italy, 1990

Some how this extremely cheesy tune managed to make it to number 1 in the charts. Like, come on, Wonderwall by Oasis didn’t even make the top spot, what!? Must have been that skilled rap by John Barnes in his super short, shorts that managed to scrape it. Sense the sarcasm.

3. We’re on the Ball – Ant and Dec
South Korea and Japan, 2002

All I’ve got to say about this one is stick to your day job lads. It’s a no from me.

4. Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)
South Africa, 2010

Well this song is what you call a feel good song. It’s super catchy and even if you hate it you can’t help but sing along. You’ll even find it puts a smile straight on that miserable face! And you must admit, we all wish we could move like the Goddess Shakira.

5. Hot Hot Hot – Arrow
Mexico, 1986

Now this is a song we all know and love! Olay, olaaaaay, olay, olay!! However, this wasn’t actually made specifically to coincide with the 1986 FIFA World Cup; it was released 4 years prior as you can probably tell as it was ZILCH to do with football. But it was later adopted by Montserrat national football team.

6. Shout – Dizzee Rascal ft. James Corden
South Africa, 2010

I’m a girl who looooves her hip hop and r’n’b so the No Digity beat certainly won me over. Also, anything to do with James Corden is bound to be a winner, winner, chicken dinner!

7. Sven, Sven, Sven – Bell and Spurling
South Korea and Japan, 2002

Inspired by the England teams 5-1 victory against Germany in the 2002 World Cup. You know the one where Michael Owen scored his famous hattrick? This comedy duo managed to come up with a better tune than Ant and Dec anyway; credit where it’s due and all that!

8. The Cup of Life – Ricky Martin
France, 1998

Well I was only 3 when this song came out but I can only imagine it sent all the ladies wild with lust watching Ricky Martin and those famous snake hips work the stage. But when it comes to the song itself, not so good Ricky…

9. El Rock del Mundial – The Ramblers
Chile, 1962

As this one is in a complete different language I have no clue if the lyrics are good or not. I’m not even sure what language it is as I imagined myself dancing to this in a cute little restaurant in Spain only to find that the band is from the Netherlands, awkward… But I liked the rock and roll vibes so thought I’d lash it in!

10. Kick Song – Hey Duggee
Russia, 2018

Last but certainly not least, we have this unofficial CBeeBies World Cup song named ‘Kick Song’. Because why faff around thinking of a clever song title, just get straight to the point hey? Fan’s online have been going absolutely crazy over this tune with very minimal lyrics so you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of forgetting the words. They’ve even been begging the FA to make it the official England World Cup 2018 song. Something tells me they’ll all be left disappointed though...

Come on Englaaaand! Like, we know you won't win but we still love to join in on the hype...