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Interface's newest collection: Visual Code


Interface's newest collection: Visual Code

So, word on the street is that Interface have a brand spanking new collection of 25x100cm carpet planks. Well guys, I can confirm to you all that is in fact true and it’s called the Visual Code collection and, trust me, you will not be left disappointed by this one. Not like we’re ever left wanting more when it comes to Interface; can you lot ever do something wrong?

What is the Visual Code Collection?

So for all those tech-lovers sitting at home thinking you could never possibly be the influence of something design-led, you were wrong! Interface never leave people out, so welcome to the world of design oh computer savvy one.

If you’re an avid Interface follower you’ve probably seen the phrase “hi-tech, meets hi-touch” getting thrown about. But once the attention-drawing phrase has grabbed you, you may be left thinking “well what does that actually mean?”. Lucky for you, I thought exactly the same so I made it my mission to find out what the heck they’re on about and jot it down in simple terms.

So hi-tech, meets hi-touch describes the relationship of two contrasting elements, technology and textiles, and shows us how this unexpected companionship actually works. It’s like salt and caramel, at first thought it shouldn’t work but in reality it taste God damn delicious *wipes dribble off chin*… Any who, the technology element looks closely at glitch graphics and the patterns and technicolour created by circuitry to create a fun, vibrant product that get our imaginations running wild. The textile element of Visual Code looks at the much-loved woven fabrics and rugs that will always have our hearts; the textiles that pop the tech bubble we’re now consumed in and take us back to those cosy thoughts of family and home.

Visual Code products in the Interface London Showroom

But how can this actually benefit us?

So I get what you’re thinking. Yes, this collection looks good but how can it actually benefit us? All we’ve heard for a while now is “biophilic this” and “biophilia that” and it seems that the Visual Code collection is a complete contradiction to everything related to bringing the outside in, right? Well yeah it is, there ain’t nothing natural about circuit boards Hun. However, you’ll be pleased to know that, just like the biophilic design theory, this collection also promotes health and wellbeing in the office and helps boost overall morale. YAY! Surely you didn’t think Interface would leave your office in utter despair did you?

Interface Plain Stitch and Circuit Board

Visual Code has the ability to transform a dull and lacklustre office into a place that uplifts the workers through the use of vibrant colour, bold pattern and soft textile. Working in an environment that is highly tactile and full of imagination can make it feel less like we are in work and starts to become a space people want to go to each day. It can kind of be like the adult version off the Wacky Warehouse; remember those places? Well accept the fact you’re contracted to go there everyday for 8 hours.

Getting people out of the “typical” office environment causes us to observe the space around us and connect with people. Like from time to time you may find yourself awkwardly sitting across from Ben from Accounts on your lunch break; both with zilch in common and nothing you can talk about. The Visual Code collection causes you to wonder, causes you to strike up a conversation with Ben and ask him what he thinks about the funky design. Or when used to create breakout areas or mobile working spots, Visual Code leads to people being drawn together and new spaces developing; spaces free of physical barriers, where people can chat, collaborate and work.

Interface Hard Drive and Drawn Lines LVT

Who is the Visual Code collection for?

The Interface Visual Code collection has a mid to high price point which makes it great for those who are able to spend a bit more money. It would sit right at home in large commercial spaces, especially tech companies as they could have their speciality showcased through their floor design. How cool is that?! The four B&W products in the collection would look simply stunning in boutique hotels or corporate boardrooms where there would be minimal chance of mucky feet ruining those snow white vibes.

Interface Darning, Stitch Count and Overedge

How is the Visual Code collection best used in a space?

Like a lot of people you may be completely loving the colour, pattern and fun the Visual Code collection has to offer but you don’t have a clue how to actually make this work in your space. Well do not fear, Lanre is here to solve your interior woes… Well I’ll try my best anyway I’m not Kelly Hoppen, jheeze.

In my opinion, you want to express the individuality each product has to offer and, funnily enough, I believe that this works best when the products are used together. When used alone some of the more jazzy and eccentric products, like Circuit Board and Hard Drive, can become overwhelming and you lose the beauty of the intricate pattern and bursts of colour; it just becomes a busy mess and nobody wants that. Well, unless you’re having a Britney in 2007 moment... Joking, I love you Brit!

Interface Static Lines, Circuit Board and Haptic

When the products in the Visual Code collection are used together they do not clash, they harmonise. This is also helped by the fact all Interface products are created using the same yarn/colour bank; so no matter the range, even LVT, they’ll work together perfectly and there will be no need to call the fashion police. Well, if there was a fashion police for modular carpet…

Speaking of LVT the Interface Visual Code collection works particularly well with Drawn Lines. Like Visual Code, it also has that futuristic, robotic feel with it’s clean, geometric design and precise linear pattern. But contrary to this, it also has an unexplainable organic feeling which makes it a truly remarkable LVT product unlike any other on the market. Gosh, I kind of sounded like I knew what I was talking about then… Interface Drawn Lines is available in a variety of colourways including an icey blue and a warm brown tone.

Interface Drawn Lines LVT

The four B&W products in the collection, Darning, Decibel, Haptic and Overedge, have been brought in to balance out the vibrancy and be the Yin to Visual Code’s Yang. The B&W carpet planks tone down the “hi-tech” products without taking away from their unique nature and remind us of handwoven rugs and homely textures from another time and place, away from this technology crazed world we currently live in. Like guys, why are you all obsessed with this “Alexa” lass. It’s pure laziness! Just get off your butt and turn the radio down yourself will you?

The Visual Code collection is great for creating zones within a space without the need for physical barriers, creating fun patterns and unique floor designs. Interface Overedge is particularly good for creating feature rugs due to it’s super thick and luscious shag, cut pile construction. You won’t mind being known as that weird one in the office who takes their shoes off because getting your toes sunk into this one will be well worth it!

Interface Darning and Stitchery used to create a feature area

Where can you get it?

Last but certainly not least, where can you get it? Do you even have to ask? Well from us ofcourse! The Interface Visual Code collection is now available to purchase on DCTUK. You’d like to see it in person first? Sure! You can request up to four free samples on the product pages so you can get a real feel for each product.

One more thing! If you’re utterly in love with the Visual Code collection but you still have no idea how to implement it in your space do not worry! Here at DCTUK we offer a free measure and design service to our lovely customers to support you in reaching your interior goals. Yes, you read that right, a FREE measure and design service. Just book your free measure with our Fitting Manager Ross, send us your plans and tell us a little bit about your space then leave the rest up to us! Want to know more? Click here.

Interface Decibel, Haptic and Circuit Board used to separate spaces