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Wander around Elite Furniture's warehouse with us


Wander around Elite Furniture's warehouse with us

At DCT, we are on a never-ending mission to keep providing you with brand new products hot off the press, lightening speed delivery and customer service like no other. That means we often wonder if it would make more sense to just bring our sleeping bags and pyjamas into work and set up camp permanently.

We do like to get out and about every now and then though to say hello to our suppliers and what not so this week it was the turn of our marketing manager, Jon and managing director, Dean. Our dynamic duo hit the road - destination: Elite Furniture, Goole - so we could tell you more about where our smart and stylish office furniture starts it's long and enduring life.

Elite Furniture commercial office furniture

Keeping things close to home

About 2 hours, 110 miles and no doubt numerous debates about football later, Dean and Jon arrived in the leafy land of East Yorkshire where the Elite Furniture factory is based.

Home to over 150 employees and some of the most forward-thinking manufacturing processes in the industry, this factory is like an Aladdin's cave of office desks, castor task chairs, soft seating and commercial storage solutions. Our guys haven't shut up about how awesome it was since.

Being manufactured right here in the UK, we are able to work with Elite to get your furniture fit out produced, delivered and in place before you can say "I wheely need a new spinny chair and set of drawers for my Linnea desk".

Elite even source their own steel locally and their own raw materials before they go about completing their unique start-to-finish production process right here in Goole. They're one of the very few furniture manufacturers who make every part of their products in house, which means they can create bespoke sizes and styles outside of their bulky brochure.

Steel in Elite Furniture factory
Steel being coated at Elite Furniture factory

Precision makes perfect

One of the most brilliant things about this industry-leading brand is the attention to the kind of fine details that make pieces of furniture built to last. For example, Elite heat mold and secure the fabric on their seats all the way around as opposed to just a couple of staples here and there. They also weld their desks from underneath to ensure sharp joins and top every desk with a hardwearing veneer layer.

Just like us, they want to make life as hassle-free as possible for you which is why they use softer materials to create their desk dividers. Soft enough to make pushing drawing pins in pain-free (yay) but robust enough to pass the test of time with flying colours.

Upholstered fabric being secured to office chair
Welded metal office desk

In fact Elite's metal cutting machines are so perfectly precise, they can even turn their mechanical hand to something as intricate as a miniature two-wheeler. Cool, huh?

Tiny bike made in metal cutting machine

Oh and if all else fails...

The Elite office furniture factory is also home to a whole host of 'reserve machines', which means that 1) they can stick to their 1 week turnaround time without fail and 2) if a machine goes into meltdown, there's a back up on standby read to get the job done. Genius.

Elite Furniture team in 1986
Elite Furniture team in 2016

I guess Dean and Jon aren't the only ones who are crazy about Elite either. I mean, I'm a total convert and I'm sure you must be now too but those guys up there have been keeping the cogs turning since 1986 when the company came to life. Now that's dedication - just another thing that makes Elite so... elite.

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