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Water colour dreams - DESSO Serene & Serene Colour

Georgia Urmson

Water colour dreams - DESSO Serene & Serene Colour

In this crazily fast pace world we live in sometimes we just need some peace and calm right? Why not start that journey with your flooring choice. Who knew flooring could bring you some tranquilty?! Introducing the beautiful new collection from DESSO - Serene & Serene Colour carpet tiles! 


Tell me more!

The new DESSO collection comes in two ranges; Serene and Serence colour, both designed to be used together to create beautiful spaces, they are sisters after all!

Inspired by the serenity of watercolour paintings, these tiles are perfect for creating calm in any workspace. Top Tip - Why not use these in your home office too?



Who are the carpet tiles for?

These tiles are perfect for hospitality, office and other commercial use due to their long lasting effects, but if you would like to use these in any part of your home then you certinley can! 

Serene comes in 9 neutral colours and Serene Colour comes in 8 bright calming colours. 


Can I mix and match both ranges?

Of course! They are designed to be used together, but of course if you want to use them on their own then that's okay too, but that's boring if you ask me! Take full advantage of the whole collection for the same price! 

Why not create zoning using the different colours, for example a breakout zone or a meeting area or social distance zones. Check out the photo below to see how this can be done! That is just one idea too! Go and give our Design Lab a go where we can create some stuning installations for you, for FREE! 


Want to know more? Watch our video featuring special guest Emma Bishop from DESSO!