We Welcomed Tarkett to DCTUK!

Rebecca Ali

Meet the Tarkett Team

A couple weeks ago, we welcomed the wonderful Tarkett team into DCTUK HQ for a meeting on some of their latest products. We had the pleasure of meeting Mikael Persson (Head of Markting in the UK), Alex Rhodes (Project Consultant), Andrew McHale (National Key Account Manager - Retail) and, Vicki Lucy (Customer Services Manager). I thought it would be interesting to give you all a small behind the scenes snippet into what happens in our meetings. So, I put together some fun facts we learnt from our meeting with Tarkett that I thought you might find interesting too! 

Fun Fact's from our Meeting!

1. Tarkett & Desso are both over 100 years old! So, they're pretty experienced when it comes to creating excellent quality flooring. Just over 6 years ago, Tarkett bought Desso. Desso is a very well known carpet brand who're based in Holland (the perfect base for good, sustainable products). Both brands have always driven their idea of being environmentally friendly focused and, creating their products from either waste materials or rapidly renwable materials. So, Tarkett taking over Desso made sense for both companies since they share the same core vaules. 

2. Landfill's are banned in Europe! So, most brands are having to consider making their products recyclable as they're unable to send them to a landfill. 

3. Their (Desso) carpet tiles are made from 80% chalk that has been created from a waste product. 

4. For the future, they want all of their products to be 100% sustainable! 

5. If you want to shop sustainable, look for the Cradle to Cradle logo.