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Who are IVC Group?

Jon Techilovsky

Who are IVC Group?

Can we get a drum roll please…. IVC Group is now available at DCTUK!

We’ve welcomed a new brand to our ever growing website, IVC Group, these guys look beyond the ordinary to create the perfect solution for your home or project.

So who are IVC Group?

Since 2015 these guys have been part of the industry giants Mohawk Industries Inc. Their message is real simple, they’re dedicated to creating unique floors for corporate & office, retail, hospitality & leisure, housing, education and healthcare projects.

We have 2 affordable collections on our website that will blow your socks off because the price is so low and the quality is amazing. We'll just focus on Art Intervention in this blog post so you're not too overwhelmed with all the amazing colours and ranges...

IVC Art Intervention has 3 ranges; Creative Spark, Central Point and Expansion Point.

Creative Spark

IVC Creative Spark allows for a fun and unique colour play, from feature shades to sparkling accent floors. It features 26 bold and vibrant colours inspired by many forms and hues. Combine with Expansion Point and Central Point to mix and match shades, textures and dimensions to your heart's content! Made from IVC’s own yarn bank and produced with 40% recycled content, this product delivers both lasting beauty and added value to commercial spaces.


Central Point

IVC's Art Intervention ensures that your brand new swanky tiles are the Central Point of your room. Less is truly more when it comes to these tiles, set within a neutral grey background, it’s brightly coloured striped pattern adds energy and artistic flair to any environment.

central point
central point

Expansion Point

Available in 11 bold and vibrant colourways, Expansion Point can be mixed and matched with Central Point and Creative Spark to create original and creative designs that form endless combinations!

Only the best is good enough for the Art Intervention range, Colorstrand® solution-dyed yarns are produced with 40% recycled content to ensure impeccable products that last a lifetime. Grab yourself a bargain with these top-quality and sustainable products.

expansion point
expansion point