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Why Choose Parquet Flooring?

Jon Techilovsky

Why Choose Parquet Flooring?

What comes to mind when someone says to you “Parquet Flooring”? Does it bring back memories of your old school gymnasium? Or an elderly relatives parlour? This once dated style has seen a massive upturn in demand and can now be seen as a Chabby-Chic alternative and it’s even making its way into modern interiors. It’s becoming a go-to option for customers seeking that “wow factor” for their homes and office spaces! Here's a quick fact for you, did you know the parquet pattern was invented in France?

Parquet in the Home

Our fabulous fitting team have just completed this epic fit in one of our customer’s home. They used a whopping 8500 planks to accomplish this look! The customer had the parquet pattern throughout the entire downstairs of her house. The product used was Polyflor Camaro Parquet LVT. The warm tones of this LVT really compliment the dark navy tones of her kitchen, it looks like something out of Architectural Digest!

Parquet in the Office

Late last year we had a local company come to us for our fitting and free design service. They needed their whole office building designing and fitting. After a few meetings and designs later, the final design was agreed and our fitters got to it! I originally had the Tarkett iD Inspiration LVT laid in a standard brick pattern, but the client suggested it in a parquet pattern instead and it looks phenomenal. Something that was once only used in school gyms and old style houses has now brought a modern reception to life. Their office building is almost completely finished so stay tuned for those amazing photos!

central point
central point

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