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Milliken Single Collections

These sexy singles are ready for a night out and represent the brand's innovative design path, from entry level collections such as Formworks to the more premium Urban Collective. Grab a collection and take them for a spin on the dance floor.
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Milliken Laylines Carpet Tiles

Produced using 100% nylon fibre, these tufted level loop pile carpet tiles deliver wear-resistant, fire-retardant and anti-static qualities that lend themselves perfectly to both domestic and public interiors.

Milliken Northward Bound Carpet Tiles

This Milliken carpet tile collection is inspired by the views of snow-covered landscapes that the many brave adventurers that have journeyed to the polar ice caps have seen. It's such a delicate part of our planet that we have to protect, but the same can't be said about these carpet tiles as they are super durable.

Milliken Nordic Stories Carpet Tiles

Inspired by the textural landscape, geological extremes, folklore and modern culture of the Northern Hemisphere, Milliken Nordic Stories carpet tiles enjoy muted natural tones, black volcanic rock, deep blue lakes, rich golden moss, graphic land forms and bold architecture.

Milliken Clerkenwell Carpet Tiles

Inspired by the Clerkenwell district, London’s creative hub, these Milliken Clerkenwell carpet tiles will take your breath away.

Milliken Artistic Liberties Carpet Tiles

The Milliken Artistic Liberties carpet tiles collection is produced using high-performance ECONYL yarn with 100% regenerated nylon, which means plastic has been sourced from the ocean and turned into yarn to make these carpet tiles, how amazing?

Milliken Naturally Drawn Carpet Tiles

The Milliken Naturally Drawn Carpet Tile Collection is perfect for any commercial project from offices to hotels, this hard wearing nylon carpet tile will withstand the test of time.

Milliken Colour Compositions Carpet Tiles

Milliken Colour Compositions allow you to create your own style. Whether its harmonious and balanced or challenging and unexpected, combining combinations of the many different colour ways will leave you or your client with a dream room.

Milliken Crafted Series Carpet Tiles

Milliken Crafted carpet tiles series is an inspiring collection which includes Modern Maker, Woven Colour and Warp Winding. Combine them to create a unique floor design or choose just one to create a simple but idyllic space.

Milliken Change Agent Carpet Planks & LVT

Milliken Change Agent carpet planks and LVT are inspired by the dramatic change metals are forced to make when met with a catalyst. The Pure Alchemy range seamlessly links with the Compound Magic range with complementing colours and identical plank sizes.

Milliken Comfortable Concrete 2.0

Comfortable Concrete 2.0 is inspired by the colours, textures and organic forms of nature. The collection is made up of Urban Drama, Urban Poetry and Laid Bare, which comes in the form of carpet tiles and carpet planks.

Milliken Unexpected Purpose Carpet Tiles

Who said floors can't have a plot twist? Unveil Milliken's Unexpected Purpose collection at DCTUK.com! Tiles with a dash of mystery, a sprinkle of surprise, and a whole lot of 'wait, what?!'. Dive into designs that make your floor the most intriguing character in the room's narrative

Milliken Arctic Survey Carpet Planks

These commercial grade nylon, hardwearing tiles are not only very stylish, but we’re not finished there. Milliken has kindly added the cherry on top as these carpet planks also come with a 15 year guarantee and we can even fit them for you too!

Milliken Dissident 2.0 Carpet Tiles

Challenge conventions with Milliken's Dissident 2.0 collection at DCTUK.com! Not just tiles, but rebellious pieces of art that question the mundane. Dive into designs that are audaciously unapologetic, setting the stage for floors that dare to stand out.

Milliken Obex Entrance Matting

OBEX™ entrance matting is a versatile choice for your workplace with 5 difference patterns available in two textile options.

Milliken Sculptured Forms Carpet Tiles

Discover the art of flooring with Milliken's Sculptured Forms collection at DCTUK.com! 🎨 Every tile is a masterpiece, molding comfort with contemporary design. Make every step a statement; let your floor be the canvas and Sculptured Forms the brushstroke. 🖌️

Milliken Facet Carpet Tiles

Unroll the red carpet for the flooring revolution: Milliken's Facet carpet tile collection! 🌟 Dive into a world where suave aesthetics tango with unparalleled durability. Perfect for the high-heel strut or the sock-slide, these tiles are the talk of every floor soirée. Mix, match, reimagine, and let your space dazzle with distinction. 🕺💃
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Milliken Tracing Landscapes Carpet Tiles

Venture into Mother Nature's living room with Milliken's Tracing Landscapes collection at DCTUK.com. Drawing whimsy from the world's waltz, each tile is a slice of Earth's most playful patterns. Let your interiors whisper tales of outdoor adventures without ever leaving the office.

Milliken Preface Carpet Tiles

Turn the first page of your design story with Milliken's Preface collection at DCTUK.com. With tiles that wink at tradition yet nudge contemporary chic, it's a prelude to a space that shouts character. Let Preface be the stylish introduction your workplace deserves.

Milliken Down to Earth Carpet Tiles

Ground your feet and elevate your spirits with Milliken's Down to Earth collection at DCTUK.com! These tiles don't just kiss the ground; they serenade it with style. Dive into a design realm where earthy meets quirky, and every step feels like a dance between nature and nuance.

Milliken Major Frequency Carpet Planks

Hit a high note in design with Milliken's Major Frequency collection at DCTUK.com! These aren’t just planks; they’re symphonies for your soles. Dive into a sonic world of patterns that resonate with flair, turning every footstep into a rhythmic dance of design.

Milliken Carpet Tiles Guide

Step right up to the magical world of Milliken's cushion backing at DCTUK.com, where we're turning your floors into eco-friendly wellness retreats! Crafted with a whopping 90% recycled materials, this cushion backing is not just a treat for your feet; it's a full-on health and wellness champion. Imagine walking or standing on a surface so comfy, it practically whispers sweet nothings to your soles, reducing fatigue and serenading your stress levels with its acoustic superpowers. And the fun doesn't stop there – this cushion-backed carpet is like the superhero of the flooring world, lasting 40 to 50% longer than its hardback cousins. It's the guardian that absorbs all the rough and tumble of daily life, protecting the carpet's face like a trusty shield. But hold onto your hats, because there's more – this backing brings a whole carnival of benefits, from easy installation to ergonomic bliss, not to mention its safety and environmental high-fives. With Milliken's cushion backing, it's not just flooring – it's a floor that cares!

Creative, innovative and superbly stylish, a Milliken commercial carpet tile is every design lover’s dream. With a range of capsule collections all readily available to shop on DCTUK, you’ll be sure to find a dream set of carpet tiles that have both a trend-led aesthetic and a durable nature – perfect for tired, commercial spaces that need a lil injection of va va voom. Begin your journey to the dream Milliken commercial carpet tile today.