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A visit to City Hearts and Hope City Church

Jon Techilovsky

A visit to City Hearts and Hope City Church

If you live in Liverpool, you know how many hidden gems there are around this city, and there just so happens to be one hidden away in the Fabric District located in the city centre.

City Hearts is a charity that houses and helps women with life controlling issues and victims of trafficking across the UK. It was set up by Hope City Church founder Jenny Gilpin in 2005, as a way to offer support and accommodation for vulnerable women, and since then, it has expanded all over the country.

Earlier this year, City Hearts contacted us over donating carpet tiles for their Totexth Youth Centre Project (which has been approved so watch this space!) and mentioned that Hope City Church and City Hearts were renovating a building in a deprived area of the city - the building is located in the Islington area of Liverpool and is going to have a big community focus to meet the needs of those in the local area. The big boss gave the approval and we were able to supply 90m2 of carpet tiles into this fantastic space!

Once everything was completed and they were up and running, we arranged a visit to check out the space and find out a little bit more about City Hearts and Hope City Church.

We were kindly greeted by Steve Watson, the North West Regional Manager of City Hearts and Hannah Allward, the Student & Youth Pastor of City Hope Church. Listening to how passionate they were about about their jobs and organisation was so inspiring.

City Hearts

Steve told us the history of City Hearts and how they help victims of slavery. City Hearts offer Safe Houses to women, men and families who have been rescued or escaped from their traffickers. Their Safe Houses are a way out and a way forward”.

In 2005, they opened their very first home to restore women with life controlling issues.

Fast forward to 2011, they extended their support to men, opening a Safe House in North West England.

And in 2016, City Hearts Bright Future Programme was developed with the Co-op to help connect survivors of Modern Slavery into permanent jobs, which in turn gives survivors a chance to become apart of the community and freedom that lasts.

For more information on City Hearts, you can visit their website where you view their whole journey and find out about their services, how to get involved and donating.

Hope City Church

Hannah explained that Hope City Church is a vibrant, creative and friendly Christian community, with 12 locations across the UK, Germany, Ghana and Malaysia, and they’re also part of the C3 Global – a group of over 500 churches worldwide.

If you’re like me and have very little knowledge about churches, Hope City Church will definitely open your eyes. From Sunday services to creative nights to dinner parties, Hope City Church offers a plethora of events and services to suit all ages.

The atmosphere in the church is vastly different to what you’d expect. There’s a warm, cosy inviting atmosphere, perfect for individuals who are thinking about attending Church. If you would like more information and the locations of Hope City Churches, simply click here and visit their website!


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